15 Ideas for a bathtub with a luxurious look


Ideas for a bathtub with a luxurious look

What could be more relaxing than a nice long bath? Answer: soaking in the bathtub looks as good as it feels! When it’s time to relax, immerse yourself in this sparkling foam – it’s like a mini-vacation. Compared to visiting a spa for well-deserved “self-government”, a luxurious bath is a pleasure that always pays off.

Whether you’re looking for the latest features or just want something that matches your carefully chosen decor, this curatorial collection of designer baths is sure to inspire you. So dim the lights, turn on the soft music and take a dip in your dream bathtub.

Incredibly smooth and balanced. Lamps concentrated on the wall of the bath can accommodate a person relaxing in any direction.

The thin plinth provides easier aesthetics, than the designs leaning against a floor. The thin mixer is deprived of excesses or ornaments thanks to what its graceful curvature attracts attention.

A separate feature covers the hardware and is an ideal place to present a book or a glass of wine – very useful and pleasing to the eye.


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