How To Landscape Around Window Wells

Window wells provide light to your basement but don’t add much to the aesthetic appeal of your home. While a window well cover is required, there are few options for beautifying the space surrounding the window well without blocking sunlight or obstructing an emergency exit.

However, there are a few options for sprucing up your wells without interfering with their function. Consider these landscaping ideas for around window wells while you’re thinking about ways to improve your home and grounds. While the brushed metal, wood, or concrete of a window well may not be everyone’s ideal view from their basement window, these egress window wells serve an important function in your home.

If you want to make your egress window more appealing, we have a few suggestions, some of which we would encourage you to consider. If you also want to know about the window wells, continue reading:

Paint And Maintain The Edges:

A basement window is somewhat camouflaged by the fact that it is slightly below ground level. On the other hand, the window well makes it difficult to give the area a natural or, at the very least, non-industrial look. Being flush with the ground, on the other hand, permits you to garden on the rim. Paint the window a lovely green if at all possible.

After that, erect a short and attractive gardening fence around it and fill it with various flowers and plants. Choose plants that will not grow too tall and block the sun. The fence, flowers, and plants can help divert attention away from the abrupt drop in the ground level.

Focus On The Natural Light Passing And Airflow:

Larger basement egress window wells not only provide a critical safety feature for your house but also make basements feel like a natural extension of your living space. You can get some fresh air and benefit from the natural light by opening the window.

While solid window well covers keep most trash and water out of the well, they keep fresh air out and obstruct light from entering the basement.

Go For Flowery Shrubs:

If you don’t want to take care of a flower garden, plant shrubs on all sides of the window well, leaving a foot between the plants and the well. Again, avoid picking tall bushes and shrubs. Choose deciduous trees rather than conifers, and make sure they’re modest to medium-sized.

Deciduous trees and shrubs receive plenty of sunshine throughout the year and even more during the winter. Flowering bushes, in particular, will add to the area’s charm and attractiveness. If you want the window to serve as an emergency exit, avoid cacti and other spiky plants. Consider the painful consequences of attempting to flee into the night over a little patch of thorns or nettles.

Focus On The Basics

To draw the eye up toward the planters from the window well, build a planter with landscaping pavers on one or both sides of the window well. Other similar paver stones can be utilized to line the window well and draw attention to the planters, tying the window well into the overall landscaping scheme.

Make a tiered garden inside the window well that is attractive from inside and outside the glass. This might be a window well with stacking pavers to provide depth or one with timber constructed into the interior of the window wells, depending on the design of the window well.

Build A Terraced Garden:

Consider constructing a terraced garden if your window well is on the larger side, large enough to stand and possibly even stretch out in, and you’re really handy. Numerous blueprints are accessible online that only require a few treated wood timbers, some hardware, and a little elbow work.

You may make a stunning series of tiered platforms to display potted plants or outdoor decorations from both inside and outside. Remember that the window well’s goal is to let light in a while, keeping water out of the basement. Waterproofing should be considered during the construction process. Don’t let the area’s natural beauty distract you from the requirement for a dry basement.

Use Smooth, But Decorative Rocks:

The majority of emergencies that require you or a family member to use the well as a means of evacuation involve someone sleeping, whether for a nap or the entire night. As a result, you should prefer rounded and smooth boulders, which won’t rip up your bare feet during a rapid retreat.

Most landscape suppliers or sand companies stock a wide range of stones in various hues, ranging from little pebbles to bigger stones. It’s the ideal approach to complement your interior design while also enhancing the appearance of your egress window.

Add Railing Around The Window Wells:

While a railing or fence surrounding the well may not prevent a thief from utilizing it as an entry point to your home, it does help to protect people and larger animals from falling in a while still allowing a considerable amount of light to pass through, depending on the railing or fencing type.

We recommend this solution when you have a very large or shallow depth well in a heavy traffic region where a grate isn’t always practical. If you use this on a larger well, keep in mind that you may still need to climb out in an emergency. Make sure you have a ladder or a gate that will allow you to climb out of the egress window wells if necessary.


Hopefully, discussed ideas will help to beautify or landscape your window wells efficiently. However, you can also consider other options and design ideas according to your creativity. The only thing you utilize any idea more creatively is thinking out of the box. For this, you can also get help from your nearest professional landscape designers and artists.

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