11 Ways to get more clients into your store or café.

  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 22, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Whether you’re opening a new business or have elected to conduct a revamp to create a new look, you naturally want to draw people into your facility. The first few seconds leave a memorable impression on people, one they will carry with them and share with others.

Word of mouth is perhaps the best and cheapest form of advertising and it’s important to make sure you do it right. Good reviews carry fast, bad reviews can go even faster and further.

You may decide to invest in the services of a retail shopfitter or you might elect to complete some simpler works around your establishment to create a more harmonious and inviting vibration to your consumers.

Here are some simple tips to help you bring in the clientele and keep them coming back for more.

1. Less is often best

If a place looks to cluttered or ‘busy’, people are often less inclined to enter. Having a lot of stock, chairs and tables taking up space can make the venue look cluttered. This can make it difficult for staff and customers to move around comfortably.

If your clients don’t feel cosy and relaxed, they may avoid the place. If you are running a dining establishment, guests will also value their privacy, no one wants their conversations heard by another table in close proximity.

It can also be a hazard to have to much materials taking up space. Having less means those in wheelchairs or pushing prams can also use your venue with ease.

2. Keep it clean

Cleanliness means good hygiene and sanitation. If your clients can see rubbish, dirt am dust, they may also start to question what hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines you are or aren’t adhering to. Having a dirty environment is off putting for staff and clients.

3. Less noise

Loud pumping music is good for nightclubs, but not so good for an environment where you want people to stay relaxed and hear each other and your staff. Consumers like to be able to hear each other and your staff when they converse and also to be able to hear themselves think.

4. Keep your prices fair, competitive and easy to read

People value their money and time. Keep an eye on the market and the prices your competitors are selling the same or simular stock. Ideally, you want to be able to match the price of have it slightly less if possible. If you need to have a higher price to cover costs, do your best to make sure it’s not a vast difference.

Make sure all prices are displayed and easy to read. If items don’t have a price attached, it will only leave your clientele guessing and feeling obligated and potentially uncomfortable if they need to ask a staff member how much something is.

Consider a loyalty system where clients who join your loyalty club receive special benefits, such as discounts or a free item every now and then. This makes people feel special and valued and they’re more likely to return if they feel significant.

5. Speaking of significant

Great staff can really make your business flourish and succeed. Train your staff to treat all your clients well. Greet them with a smile and have an outstanding customer service reputation and record. Each person who walks through your door should feel valued and taken care of. This will ensure they have a positive memorable experience and they’ll be likely to tell others and return.

6. Attract foot traffic

A great window display or advertised special out on the sidewalk can draw people in who are walking past. Have your window display neat, but brimming with interesting and unique items or a great special that is almost too good to be true.

7. Have memorable signage

Businesses with a unique sign can become memorable and, in some instances, even a local landmark. It can be the piece that sets you apart from the rest. A bit of colour and an original design can make your place just that touch more personalised.

8. Have some of your best merchandise and specials at the front of your store

Simular to creating a drawing card for foot traffic, having your best products or specials advertised can draw in impulse buyers. People will be drawn to look at your products or specials and will then enter your venue to view more options.

9. Consider QR Codes if appropriate

The square barcodes known as QR codes can be scanned to get information. These tags give a customer product information in a busy shopping area—at night or outside of business hours.

For instance, a client scans a QR code you’ve added to your storefront display. They can scan or accept the beacon to visit your website and find out more about a product or place an order with you straight when you’re open or whenever they pass by. To make it easy for customers to access your website or place orders, consider offering a free QR code on your storefront display for them to scan and quickly connect with your business.

10. Create an original mural or interior element

If you have a large wall or vacant space in your building, consider getting a local artist in to create an original mural. This can be a focal and talking point for your customers and also gives local artists a chance to show case their work.

Don’t forget to credit their work and leave contact details of your artist so interested patrons can get in touch with them. Pay them fairly. This will also help you get a reputation of supporting local small businesses, which is a great selling point to clientele.

11. Free WIFI

If your venue is one that seats clients, such as a café, think about providing free WIFI to your guests. This can encourage them to sit for longer and potentially spend more as they feel comfortable and relaxed. This can also mean that local businesses may use your venue as a meeting point, which means more clients.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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