Editorial Guidelines

The Big Reveal – Who We Are

At ConstructionHow, we are keen to offer relatable information for anyone who is interested to learn about various concepts to process the understanding of different aspects of life. 

Our readers gain immersive knowledge from a 360-degree view to manage professional, business, commercial, and domestic points of concern.  We are all about sharing the best solutions that continue to provide the right access and act as a trusted source of information and creative content in multiple niches. We cover real-life categories including construction, engineering, home improvement, and real estate.

How Our Story Begins 

The pandemic was a nemesis for every organization in the town. When the going got rough, this is when the masterminds saw an opportunity. We planned to reach out to a wider audience with cost-effective ideas, tips, and guides at ConstuctionHow – a blogging platform. 

As people got more involved in home chores and DIY projects, this was the perfect opportunity to revive the motivation they had lost in these hard times. With the constant need to keep one’s hands and mind busy at all times, we decided to share useful, easy, and economical answers to domestic problems. Our shared views and solutions are highly cost-effective which must be appreciated by our readers.

What We Love to Write About 

We understand the curious case of rapid technological developments ongoing around the world, which can be confusing for the majority due to a lack of proper understanding of the complex terminologies. This is why a team of professional experts with diverse backgrounds are more than happy in covering a variety of topics in different categories for our general audience. 

We believe that our readers are smart and creative individuals. Therefore, our primary focus revolves around;

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Home Improvement
  • Real Estate 

Each of the primary categories covers a wide range of sub-categories for relatable audiences so that there’s something for everybody. You’ll learn new skill sets from home designing, construction, real estate, and engineering. You will successfully complete any of the skilled projects among others with the right set of tips and guidance with our shared solutions. We intend to keep the content informative but pun intended when needed. 

Our experts focus on providing the best possible solutions and cover the basic questions in the mentioned categories that reflect your queries. 

Editor’s Board 

Finding a trustworthy online platform with loads of credible information is a tenuous task – one can easily be misguided due to misinformation and biased information. 

To ensure a quality check on all the articles, we at ConstructionHow decided to create an Editor Board. Members of the Editor Board are responsible to ensure consistency and quality checks in control. 

With years of experience under their belt, they are well-versed in research and fact-checking information to keep all details up-to-date. 

How do We Write a Blog for Readers?

When writing a piece of content, we focus on delivering quality content with the best images among other factors. The intent is to cover the problem and the solution that you are desperately in search of. 

Therefore our editorial guidelines are entirely focused on best practices that offer clarity in the following terms. 

Subject Matter

ConstructionHow is focused on covering various degrees of content formation. Our primary interest lies in;

Instructional/How-to Posts 

These posts are written to teach our audience something new. They should have a clear walkthrough about the particular guidelines they want to follow to complete a project. 

Curated posts 

These posts are based on the list of resources and unique commentary to them. It may include a framework demonstration and examples. 

Guides and Introduction to Topics 

These posts are the parent topics (overview of topics). The intent is to introduce readers to the concepts that they are unfamiliar with. These are entirely different from instructional/how-to posts. 

The Language 

Not all of our readers are native English speakers. So, when we say there’s something for everybody we really mean it. We prefer to use simple terms and break down heavy-headed instructions and guides into simple formats as much as possible. Our blog posts are relaxed, not rushed, and easy to understand and read. 

While we maintain our own opinions about our core topics/categories, we back those with relatable stats and examples displaying why we hold a certain point of view. 

The Tone 

Using simple terms and short sentences is our preferred choice of work. We want people to easily skim the content without getting lost midway. Therefore we use shorter sentences. Paragraphs are easier to read.  We practice active voice to maintain the flow of sentence structures. It makes the content appear more lively and clearer. 

Zero AI-Content

We understand that AI content is creating hype in the market. However, as per our policy, we do NOT use ChatGPT and other AI content tools to generate content. We write content for humans, not machines. This way our content is more personalized and relatable to the audience.

Crisp Points 

We are storytellers, but more than anything we are humans in search of answers. We respect time and efficiency therefore we do not want to bore our audience. 

We prefer to get to the straight point as fast as possible without disrupting the content flow. Long and flowery introductions aren’t what we cater to. 


We add a critical layer of review to ensure our content’s quality and integrity. A selected individual(s) is vetted to check out the references of facts shared within the content. For example, if statistics or a survey report excerpt is shared within the body copy, we cross-check the references to ensure the source’s credibility. 

Also, external links are added for the mentioned sources so that readers can have a better understanding of the point being discussed if they choose to search more about it. 

Humor and Pop Culture 

The jargon and humor approach to the content is good but we do NOT want to be sarcastic or harmful in any way. Pop culture references are fair game since people are really into it. 


Our team members have strong feelings here, so as a brand we do not engage in political aspects. We generally avoid using any type of political reference that may undermine our audience (even unintentionally). 

Abbreviations and Acronyms 

There are particular industry-wide abbreviations that are commonly known that we can use without defining them such as HVAC, SEO or PPC, etc. 

However, if we go too deep into a topic or specific metrics like LTV (lifetime value) we intend to use abbreviations and explain them. 

Variation Choices 

We use a certain and more specific stylized variation of different terminologies. Some examples are shared below. 

Do This

  • Whitepaper 
  • eBook
  • eCommerce
  • Email etc

Don’t Do This 

  • White Paper
  • E-Book
  • E-Commerce
  • E-mail 


Construction How is a very-on brand blogging site. We do not frown upon the use of emojis (relatable) within the content in the body copy. But we do not cluster them either like this ☂️☂️☂️

We avoid stuffing a page with too many emojis. For example, a reader should not be reading five sentences simultaneously ending with emoji. 

We do not use emojis in headers, only in the body copy. Using emojis repeatedly in a structured way (like a list) is OK if not forced. 

The 7C’s of ConstructionHow – Our Team 

We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. The active categories resonate with each of our backgrounds in construction, engineering, home improvement, and real estate. Therefore we hold ourselves accountable to high standards, as our audience expects us to be. 

Our industrial experts at ConstructionHow are bold and opinionated about the best practices. Because we have been in similar situations before and understand the problems that our audience face due to a lack of proper familiarity with these niches. 

All of your industry experts are selectively chosen based on their extensive experience according to the subject matter. 

Amanda Arnold Editorial Director

Amanda has been working with ConstructionHow since 2021. Her experience spans over 5 years in the creative niche such as home decor and trends, landscaping, renovations, and custom architectural values. As a home designer expert, she has a keen eye for the latest home improvement trends with accurate facts that readers find impossible to ignore. Being invested in home-building trends is how she has gained her lucrative expertise exploring more to bring a positive ambiance for all homeowners (and even tenants!). Currently, she lives in a beautiful beach home, a source of fascination for her. 

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Farhan Khan Editor in Chief

Farhan is a highly experienced civil engineer from the Southern side of Texas and has been associated with ConstructionHow since 2020. Over almost a decade, his wide span of expertise enabled him to bring forth his fair share of stories and experiences related to the most iconic engineering examples worldwide. He has also contributed to online and offline publications on requests. Engineering is his passion, which is why he chose to become part of our honorable team of industry experts looking to provide authentic and credible guidelines to the reader. 

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Mohsin Khan Senior Editor

Mohsin has worked as one of the experienced editors with ConstructionHow since 2020 with a total span of 5 years of experience in business PR. boasting a remarkable professional trajectory, he has collaborated with entrepreneurs and startups, and certain publications over the last few years. His unwavering interest lies in the construction industry and related materials. He believes in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings, and homes that fall under the right budget. With a wide range of experience in construction, he also tapped into DIY and home improvement projects based on his extensive set of knowledge in the industry. 

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Fazal Umer is a dedicated industry expert in the field of civil engineering. As an Editor at ConstructionHow, he leverages his experience as a civil engineer to enrich the readers looking to learn a thing or two in detail in the respective field. Over the years he has provided written verdicts to publications and exhibited a deep-seated value in providing informative pieces on infrastructure, construction, and design. 

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Mahtab Idrees Associate Editor

Mahtab is all about lifestyle, home improvement, and interior decor trends. Her role as associate editor at ConstructionHow has helped her to offer genuine ideas, information, and intricate details about the special home editorial projects. As an interior designer by profession, she is solely focused on the latest trends and shares homeowner’s concerns as she also is a proud homeowner of two properties in mainstream locations. 

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Ivy Smith Associate Editor

Ivy is a professional civil engineer and also provides her consultancy at ConstructionHow from the technical aspect. Her expertise entails home improvements and real estate. But the primary strength pins down to the construction sector. She began her career with a property management company cultivating more than 20 construction and real estate projects. She also contributes as a contractor to local and international commercial and domestic individuals. 

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Samra Shah Associate Editor

Summer is a seasoned editor-in-chief at ConstructionHow. She has done her MBA in Marketing and has 5 years of experience under bandwidth as an editor for different platforms. She has prior experience working as a strategist for organizations. Summer provides her services independently in the major niches including home improvement and real estate alongside travel and leisure, business, and software.  Her editorial skills focuses on making articles more balanced in terms of information – but never at the expense of compromising the entertaining read. 

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Mahwish is known as the lifestyle editor for ConstructionHow. She works as a professional graphic designer with a focal eye toward aesthetics and overall looks for the ConstructionHow. She manages a small internal team responsible for creating unique graphics for the articles. She also provides her services as an interior decorator, enabling her to understand the language of every threshold. Embracing diverse styles, she finds the perfect opportunity to create attractive designs. 

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