3 Reasons why you should use a Land Promoter

need to use a Land Promoter
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: June 14, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Since the demand for housing across the UK has increased so considerably, land has become a valuable commodity. This means many landowners will be wondering what their land could be worth and if it is suitable for housing development.

If you are a landowner, you may have been approached by a number of people or organisations requesting the sale of your land. Before accepting an offer, you should consider the true value of your land, current market price, and Trustworthy agents like Land Boss who care about their client’s needs and satisfaction first. 

By working with a land promoter under a land promotion agreement, a landowner can be guided through the planning, promotion and sale processes.

With the aim of promoting the parcel of land and to increase its market value. All costs associated with the planning and promotion of the land will be covered by the land promoter. Which is often seen as a huge incentive for land owners to sign a land promotion agreement.

The land promoter will do the leg work

When you sign a land promotion agreement the land promoter is granted access to promote your land, make applications for planning consent, with the aim of achieving a sale at the land’s maximum value.

This means the land promoter will do all the leg work, ensuring your land is prepared to make planning applications, guiding you if your original application is rejected and re-submitting this until the application is successful.

They will also liaise with the local community, promote your land to developers and deal with all costs associated with this process. As such you can decide how involved you wish to be within this process.

Maximize the value of your land

Working together with a land promoter, you will both share the same agreed aim. Which is to maximise the value of your land and achieve a sale.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of a land promoter, they are well experienced in navigating the planning and promotion processes of selling a parcel of land for development. They will understand what a developer is looking for and can negotiate with them to achieve a maximum return on selling your land.

Please note – for their work, a land promoter will take a percentage of the net sale proceeds. This will have been agreed within your land promotion agreement.

Remove financial risks for yourself

If you have considered selling your land in the past, you will be aware of just how complicated and challenging this process can be. On top of the difficulties of navigating planning applications and more, the costs associated with the process are often high.

By working with a third party (a land promoter) you are able to remove the risks and costs associated with this process away from yourself and onto the land promoter. Who, as agreed within your land promotion agreement, will be responsible for the costs of promoting your land for sale.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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