4 Gardening Scenarios That Call For Tree Removal Services

Gardening Scenarios For Tree Removal Services
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 10, 2021
  • Updated On: July 7, 2023

Having trees on your property can improve your curb appeal. Trees also bring many environmental benefits, namely providing more oxygen in the air, creating natural habitats for endangered animals, and improving natural humidity control. However, do you know that there are instances when keeping trees can do more harm than good?

Keeping diseased and dead trees can result in property damages and serious accidents, which is why it’s important to know when to call tree removal services. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your trees aren’t a safety hazard to your neighborhood.

If you see yourself in the gardening scenarios below, opt to call Al Miley & Associates or other reputable tree removal services available in your area:

1) Your Trees Show Signs Of Diseases

Trees can get sick because numerous fungi, pests, and viruses eat away the sap in their stems and leaves. Because diseased trees are often weak, keeping these on your property is hazardous as they can easily fall during heavy rains and strong winds.

Diseased trees can also become an eyesore on your property. When left untreated, the disease affecting one tree can easily spread to other trees. The more diseased trees you have on your property, the more dangerous the outdoor space becomes.

Some of the most common signs of diseased trees are:

  • Dead or dropping branches;
  • Drying needles and leaves;
  • Holes in the leaves;
  • Moldy looking patches on the trunks;
  • Wilting; and
  • Yellowing leaves.

If you notice at least one of these signs, call for Winsco Land Clearing services right away. It’s important to act immediately to prevent the disease from spreading and affecting other plants in your garden.

2) A Storm Recently Hit Your Garden

Just because your trees are still standing after a severe storm doesn’t mean that you should keep them on your property. Storm can weaken your trees, which means that they can easily fall anytime. This can result in serious accidents and injuries, especially if your household loves to spend time in your garden.

After a storm has hit your location, it’s best to work with Al Miley & Associates or other local tree removal services to assess the condition of your trees. If they find your trees heavily damaged by the storm, they can easily remove them from your property.

As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ and working with tree removal services is an excellent way of preventing any mishaps from taking place on your property.

3) You’re Going To Convert Your Outdoor Space

 To Convert Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are versatile as you can do a lot of things with them. Aside from having a lush garden, you can install a pool, deck, or even a playground in your outdoor space.

If you’re planning to construct a new structure in your outdoor space, hire tree removal services first. They can properly remove trees from your outdoor space so builders can start off with a clean slate when working on your property.

Removing old trees is part of the land clearing process and ensures that your outdoor space will have smooth and even ground. It’ll also be easier for builders to maneuver equipment and machines if your outdoor space is free from big old trees.

4) Your Trees Lean Too Much

Trees grow in different angles, which is why growing a few will make your property stand out from the neighborhood. Even if you grow the same variety at the same time, trees gradually grow in different directions.

However, it’s crucial to pay attention to the angle where your trees are leaning. Leaning trees are often a cause for concern for many reasons.

If trees lean too much, they can eventually develop cracks and suddenly fall. In some cases, leaning trees can have branches that might fall and cause damage to nearby structures, such as garages and tool sheds. Electrical wires can also get tangled in leaning trees, which can possibly cause power interruptions in the neighborhood.

Don’t take any chances and call tree removal services once you notice that your trees are leaning too much at one angle. By removing leaning trees early, you can prevent any property damages, accidents, and power interruptions in your area.

Never DIY, Trust Professionals

Regardless of the size and variety of trees you want to remove, you should never take on this task alone. Attempting to remove trees using DIY strategies will only cause accidents and injuries.

To ensure that diseased and dead trees are removed properly, hire the best tree removal services in your area. These companies have the experience and training to safely remove any kind of trees from your property, saving you plenty of time and reducing your risks of being injured.

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