4 Simple Construction Elements to Increase Space

Construction Elements to Increase Space
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: June 14, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Many homeowners wish that they had more space sooner or later – whether your family has grown or you’ve taken up a new space-intensive hobby.

Moving to a bigger place is one option – but a stressful and often expensive one.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies and construction elements you can harness to increase the space you have in your current home. Here are four of them.


If your ceilings are high enough, you can consider installing a mezzanine floor. Without changing your building’s main structure, a mezzanine instantly doubles the square footage of your room.

Western Industrial, a mezzanine construction specialist, outlines the process of commissioning, designing, and building a mezzanine: “We offer a free consultation to assess our clients’ needs and recommend the best options for their space.

We then work closely with them, discussing their mezzanine application, deciding on materials, column grid and site conditions for installation. Our aim is to provide clients with the best solution that will also comply with all fire, safety and building regulations legislation.”

Loft Conversions

A second option are loft conversions. These are a fantastic avenue towards adding additional space and increasing your property’s value.

They add a massive amount of space and can increase property value by up to 20%.

However, they are also the costliest and most work-intensive option on this list.

Still, if your space demand has increased significantly – due to additional family members, for instance – loft conversions are a great option.

Ceiling Storage

A much more budget-friendly and less invasive way to go is to consider ceiling storage. Even if you don’t have space for an entire mezzanine floor, many rooms are still high enough for you to harness dead space.

Especially such areas as kitchens and garages can benefit from ceiling storage solutions.

There are different types of ceiling storage to suit your space needs and budget.

You can opt for a cross-room solution based on beams. Or you can choose a simpler hanging construction.


Finally, a fourth way to add additional living and storage space to your home is to build a porch.

Especially if you live in a warmer region, porches can add significant living space that you can use for most of the year.

They also provide year-round storage space. No matter whether you have a hallway or your main entrance opens into your living room, a porch is a great place to keep items like outdoor equipment, shoes, children’s toys, coats, and pet supplies.

Like many other storage solutions, a porch boosts your property’s value, often compensating the construction cost. As a bonus, it’ll help you cut back on heating costs during the winter months.


Space issues are common among homeowners for a variety of reasons. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are viable alternatives to buying a bigger place.

By considering the options above and seeing which one best fits your home and your budget, you’ll be able to increase space and boost your family’s well-being.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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