5 Furnace and Cleaning Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

5 Furnace and Cleaning Maintenance Tips For Homeowners
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 29, 2021
  • Updated On: July 4, 2023

A furnace is an asset to have in every home. It gives added comfort when the temperature in your home can be better maintained. When you do have one, it, then, becomes an inherent part of home ownership to learn how to take good care of what you have.

It’s not enough to simply be negligent with it, otherwise your gas furnace won’t do you any justice. It’s impractical and costly to have one repaired or replaced consistently, so you must do your part in keeping it well-maintained and clean.

While keeping your furnace clean may seem like a challenging thing to accomplish, it’s very doable, for as long as you put your focus into making it doable.

It takes a little practice of cleaning and adhering to a workable maintenance schedule, together with the help of your trusted furnace cleaning and maintenance company, to stay on top of your gas furnace’s condition.

A person changing an clean air filter on a high efficiency furnace

With that said, here are five furnace cleaning and maintenance tips every homeowner should know how to do:

1. Clean Or Replace The Filter

5 Furnace and Cleaning Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

One of the most important parts of your gas furnace is the filter. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one all the time just to keep it in good condition. When you regularly clean your filter, this part can continue to function well, allowing your furnace to work in optimum condition.

Typically, the furnace’s filter is located in that part where the return ducts enter your furnace. This does the job of removing any particle in the air before moving inside the furnace equipment.

Generally, a furnace’s filter can last as long as 90 days with regular cleaning before you’ll need to buy a new one.

2. Ensure Safe Working Conditions

Remember that with your furnace, you’re working with gas and electricity. So, be sure you’re working in safe working conditions. Otherwise, you may not only cause harm to yourself, but even to your family, who are in the same house or building.

This is precisely why, if there’s anything you’re unsure about with your furnace care, it’s rather recommended for you to seek the expert advice and help of professionals. While you may have to pay for their services, you’ll be able to save considerable costs in the long run.

3. Clean The Furnace Surface Regularly

Make it a point to clean your furnace’s surface at least once a week. This is that part of your furnace, which can easily collect a lot of dust, so it’s just but fitting for you to give it special notice by dusting the surfaces regularly.

It’s as simple as wiping the surface with a damp cloth, just as you would wipe any other surface at home. Just be sure when you do so that the furnace itself is switched off, so you don’t run the risk of electrocution from the wet cloth, heat, and electricity running simultaneously.

4. Check The Blower Motor

Apart from the filter, another part of your furnace that needs special attention is the blower motor. You have to see to it that it’s also functioning correctly before bigger problems could arise.

The furnace’s blower motor is that part that drives the fan to provide air movement for the furnace. It’s responsible for blowing air to keep it warm and well-circulated throughout the room. If the blower motor isn’t cleaned and kept in top condition, then you aren’t able to maximize your furnace’s function as well.

Remember that for it to function as well as it should, the blower motor is comprised of a lot of working parts. This can break down when not well-maintained. You can determine potential problems if the blower motor starts to create noise, or if it seems like there are parts grinding against each other.

When you begin to suspect problems arising from your blower motor, be sure to pay close attention to these immediately, and give it the needed recourse.

5. Clean And Repair The Furnace Ducts

Lastly, it’s also very important to clean and repair the furnace ducts. Especially when you’re using a forced-air furnace, the furnace ducts may easily get damaged. To avoid this from happening, you need to pay special attention to the furnace ducts to keep it clean.

You can do this so easily with the help of a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Then, be sure to cover all ducts securely to prevent any air from leaking into the surface.


When you’ve invested in a gas furnace for your home, it’s just but fitting for you to want it to work as efficiently as possible. Most importantly, you’ll want to keep your gas furnace’s lifespan at its maximum. As you can see, keeping your furnace clean and well-maintained isn’t quite a difficult chore to do.

In fact, if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, you can always call in the experts for professional help. The effort you give your gas furnace to keep it well-maintained all comes back to you when, eventually, it can function at its best, without the need for regular, costly repairs.

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