5 Genius Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Decorate A Blank Wall Is Giving An Effective Look To Your Home
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 29, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

A blank wall offers many possibilities in terms of interior décor and it is quite a task to match it or deliberately contrast it with the surrounding design elements.

A blank wall can prove to be a gorgeous eye-catching conversation starter and it can illuminate the décor items you are already using around your space. Here are a few genius and slightly unusual ways to decorate a blank wall and bring it to life.

1. A Statement Art Piece

Quality counts over quantity and that has never been truer more so than in the case of art. Invest in a single large art piece, you could even paint it yourself if you dabble in painting or commission it from a local artist.

A single large art piece packs a punch visually and can remove the need to have several smaller framed pieces to decorate the blank wall.

You can also commission 3D art pieces like a stag’s skull or so forth as they can be tremendously impactful as well. For a more bohemian feel, you can use art made from natural elements like wood, twine, faux foliage, and flowers.

2. Favorite Photographs

For most people photographs can be a great source of joy especially if they are curated and hung or pasted onto a blank wall with a creative touch.

You can add fun frames, foliage, and even twinkle lights to make them pop. One expert classic hack is to have all your photographs edited to appear monochromatic for a fully black and white wall.

Adding initials or a mirror in between are all personal touches to show your sense of style and don’t forget your furry best friend’s pet portraits on your picture wall.

3. Play With Height & Dimension

If you have a blank wall that is large and rather tall, you can opt for design concepts that make the most of its height. Consider adding a pencil sketch in the background and having tall planters partially blanketing the wall with a low-hanging interesting chandelier or light fixture.

The variety of design elements will catch the eye and will make the wall blend in with the surrounding eccentric décor.

4. An Accent Wall

Sometimes simple works best so use your blank wall as an accent wall to contrast against your other painted walls. You can create contrast with the accent wall by painting it in a sharper color or using a special wallpaper just on that wall.

This is a particularly good idea for master bedroom wall décor if your bedroom is large with all-white walls that look empty. Framing a wallpaper and hanging it on a part of the wall can also add that sense of vibrancy to a plain white wall.

5. Floating Shelves

What better way to use a blank wall than install floating shelves in gorgeous wood or painted metal for a bit of extra storage space? It can be the perfect space to show off your glass figurines, action figures, or other sentimental objects that mean a lot to you.

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Author: Mohsin Khan

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