5 Home Staging Ideas for Frugal Homeowners

Home Staging Ideas for Frugal Homeowners To Keep In Mind
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 30, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Selling a home faster depends on your effort and other factors. A home seller without adequate money for professional home staging can succeed. Home staging requires creativity and confidence. Even if your budget is tight, you can use creative home staging ideas to close a sale faster.

Staging can attract or divert the attention of potential home buyers based on how you do it. Also, proper home staging can persuade buyers to purchase the property at your price. If you cannot afford a professional home stager or designer, try to do it yourself. We have reliable home staging advice for you next.

Declutter, Clean, And Clear Flat Spaces

A house full of junk and clutter looks congested and small no matter how spacious. If you want to home-stage a cluttered home, cancel your plan first. Remove the items you no longer use to enhance your chances of selling your home quickly.

Even if you need some of your things, find a safe storage space for them to prevent clutter. A dirty home cannot move out of the listings faster. Consider vacuuming the floors, wiping dusty surfaces, removing cobwebs and stains, etc. You can also deep-clean vital areas, including your bathroom and kitchen.

Use readily available home ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to remove awful odors. A clean and clutter-free house will be attractive even if the rooms are small. Another simple action you can do without spending money is clearing any flat surface.

It is the best way to clear your rooms and create an illusion of more space. Hence, remove items from open shelves, countertops, desks, tables, etc. If you have decor items over these surfaces, make them fewer. The fewer decorations you have, the tidier the house will appear.

We also suggest packing some of your belongings. For instance, wall hangings, family photos, and similar decor items may not attract home buyers. Only you have a close connection to them and know their value. Remove them to help buyers visualize how they can decorate your home once they purchase it.

Tone Down Your Home Decoration

Yellow color is giving a new and amazing look to house decoration

One of the essential tips for staging a house is to soften your home decor. Flashy and overly decorated homes do not necessarily sell quickly. As a frugal home stager, focus on making simple changes. For instance, you can alter your wall decoration if it is currently multi-colored and showy.

Neutral colors work best when staging a house. So, choose gray, beige, white, cream, etc. You can avoid overspending by doing the paint job yourself. Go to a local hardware shop and get your painting essentials from there. Besides changing your wall color to a neutral shade, you can modulate home decoration by carpeting the floor.

The floor can be slightly old and less attractive. As you want to spend less money on home staging, do not renovate the floor. Get some affordable neutral-colored area rugs and cover the floor.

Furniture makes up a crucial part of your home decoration. One of our best home staging ideas entails softening the appearance of any vibrant and bold furniture.

If the upholstery material on your sofas has large and bold motifs, you better cover them with some loose covers. As we want neutral colors, you can select white or cream-white slipcovers for your sofas and seats. These slipcovers can be a decent way to hide old furniture.

Increase Natural Light

Most home buyers cannot resist a house with enough natural light. Natural light entry is an energy-saving tip a home buyer cannot miss. One way to allow lighter to enter via the windows is to use curtain sheers. These curtains are thin, transparent, and lovely.

Sheer curtains allow maximum natural light to fill the house, which is necessary during the staging process. This tip may work even if you do not have oversized glass windows. Sheer curtains will improve light entry and add to the home decor.

As for artificial lighting, consider replacing your bulbs. Light quality can affect some people’s mood, temper, and efficiency. The light color and temperature are the things to consider when searching for new bulbs.

It is wise to make all your bulbs uniform in terms of color and temperature. Add some accent lights too, but do not exaggerate the decor.

Fix Broken Appliances And Exterior Decor

It Is Very Important To Fix Broken Appliances And Exterior Decoration Is A Good Idea For Homeowners

Another of our best home staging tips for someone with a frugal plan is to finish minor repairs. If there are minor ongoing repairs, do not leave them pending when staging a home. Buyers will not take you seriously if they encounter missing doorknobs, broken taps, missing cabinet locks, etc.

Do any other cheap repairs that can enhance your home appearance. Outdoor appearance also matters when staging a home for sale. If your landscaping looks awful, try to improve it. When a buyer enters through the gate, the house and its surroundings are the first things they see.

Hence, find simple ways to boost the curb appeal and the buyer’s first impression. One of these actions can be planting lovely flowers in the front yard and attending to the lawn and fence. If you want to do more, a property maintenance company can help you to do all the odds.

Create A Sense Of A Bigger Space

Many home buyers can love your home staging ideas just because the rooms look spacious. Removing clutter is great, but there are other ways to create space. One of these is to rearrange your home. How you have arranged the house can make it look overcrowded and small.

Move your furniture around until you love the new arrangement. When you do that, the rooms will have clear pathways. Each item will occupy the most suitable space. Take out excess furniture pieces to create room. Mirrors have their primary roles but can also help you create an illusion of a bigger space.

Their light reflection ability and sheen can easily trick the eye. But you need to create a series of mirrors to appear like you have an extra glass window. Lastly, organize your closets as they will appear to have more storage space. Most home buyers will love that.


Our five home staging ideas are easy to apply even if your budget is small. As you can see, the idea is to make small important changes without overspending or exaggerating the decor.

You can home-stage in other ways we have not mentioned, including replacing your bathroom faucets and fixtures. The bottom line is that your techniques have too inexpensive and sensible.

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