5 Reasons People Are Using Pellet Stoves

People Are Using Pellet Stoves In Their Houses

As we try to make the world a better place, more than ever before, sustainability has become a crucial element for human survival. People are becoming more conscious of the impact on the ecosystem and the adverse effects of climate change on the planet’s future.

Pellet heaters provide an effective and environmentally sensitive option for wood burning. These stoves burn pellets made of biodegradable materials, sawdust, and barks with low levels of airborne particulates.

Pellet stoves are efficient since they burn more air than fuel, eliminating harmful gases and carbons. Here are reasons why people are using pellet stoves.

Why People Are Using Pellet Stoves

Cost-Effective, When Used For Supplementary Heating

Between seasons, pellet stoves are the best in providing additional heat. Although pellets are becoming more expensive compared to alternative heat sources, they present good value.

These stoves save you the hassle of restarting the heating system when winter begins and stop earlier, closer to the end of the heating period. During the cold season, they provide relief to the central heating system.

If your pellet stove runs for some hours in a day between October and April, it will cost you less per year to pay for pellets and electricity. However, pellets prices are no longer competitive since the fall of gas prices due to the health crisis.

A Cost-Effective Fuel

While alternative energy sources fluctuate quickly in the market, pellet prices have stayed stable for the past decade. For years the 15 kg pack of pellets cost around € 4.5 when bought in the supermarket. This would cost between € 0.30 and € 0.36 a kilo.

For a long time, pellet prices have remained cheaper than other fuels. The energy price collapsed because of the health crisis, and pellets have become more costly per kWh than fuel oil or gas.

Pellet Stoves Have Excellent Performance

Pellet stoves are the most efficient way to heat your home and reduce your dependency on electric and gas heating systems. Like most non-stove systems, pellet stoves are certified to be 90% efficient.

When you decide to install a pellet stove in your house, you will enjoy an excellent heating experience. These stoves are the cleanest solid fuel best for residential heating systems. They are more efficient than wood stoves, with unique fuel and fantastic designs.

Easy To Use

Ignore matches, kindling, and papers; pellet stoves use electric igniters. All models have a thermostat used to switch on and off automatically. Other models have advanced functions like remote control, programming and smartphone integration.

No Need For A Traditional Chimney

When using pellet stoves, you don’t require a chimney. These stoves have an 80 to 120 mm tube positioned horizontally or vertically that forces ventilation, removing smoke to the outside. Therefore, you can install pellet stoves anywhere near a plug socket, outside or under a ceiling.


The pellet stoves will be your solution if you want an effective and environmentally conscious heating option. They are cost-efficient when used as secondary heat sources and cheaper than other alternatives. Pellet stoves use electric igniters, making them easy to use compared to traditional stoves that need kindling and matches to light up.

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