6 Composite Deck Ideas To Consider For Your Home Renovation

Some Composite Deck Ideas For You To Know About Home Renovation
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 8, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Renovating your home would always be a fun project you could do as it’ll help to improve your space and allow it to look beautiful. While there are plenty of areas in your property that you can renovate, you might want to focus your attention on your deck and allow it to look relaxing, inviting, and cozy at the same time.

As you plan on renovating your composite deck, you might want to ensure that you allow the entire space to be comfortable and relaxing for everyone. The best thing you can do for your deck renovation is to provide a modern touch to better complement today’s times and allow your entire property to stand out from the crowd.

To help you out, listed below are some composite ideas you might want to consider for your renovation using composite deck:

Choose A Dark And Classy Theme

If you’d like to give your deck a modern touch, you should consider choosing a dark and classy theme, as they can truly help emphasize elegance and sophistication.

To make it happen, you might want to switch to a darker color composite decking, and it should instantly give your deck a quick boost. As you choose which TimberTech colors would work best for your home, ensure that it blends well with your home’s exterior to allow for a cohesive and balanced look.

A Dark And Classy Wooden Floor With Skin Colored Chairs Have A Beat Combination

Ipe decking

Apart from replacing your decking with something darker, you might want to switch up the entire area by replacing the railings and furniture, if you have any. This will allow for an updated, classy look that will boost your curb appeal.

Add Elevation

If your deck is flat and even, adding elevation will help to give the area some added depth and character. It can also help to separate the areas of your deck to allow for proper flow and prevent the entire floor from looking too busy and crowded.

As you add elevation to your house’s deck, you can separate the seating area from your activity area, allowing the entire place to have its own division but still be together under one surface.

To help enhance this look, you might want to add linear step lights to make them visible during the night and give your deck a classy and sophisticated look.

Include Multiple Seating Options

Your deck would always be your living room’s extension. To allow this place to be a comfortable area to hang out, you should include multiple seating as much as possible. You could add plenty of outdoor sofas or even go for circular or L-shape ones that can help to make the space look cozier and more comfortable.

For maximum comfort, you could add some cushioning, which can help to elevate your deck’s appearance. Just ensure that you use weather-proof furniture to enjoy them at any time of the day, and ensure they’ll last long.

Install A Canopy

In most homes, a deck is bare and exposed to the environment. While they can help you get the most sun, they might not be the most comfortable place in the world, especially if you want to hang outside, but the sun’s burning your skin, or there are a few drops of rain that can ruin your book.

To make your deck still a good place to hang out, adding a canopy would be a great solution. Not only that it can provide you with shade, but it can also help upgrade your deck’s design.

Add Or Replace Railings

One way you can help your deck to look complete is by adding railings. If your deck already has railing installed, you might want to consider replacing it with something more sophisticated and modern. You can use some vertical metal pieces or go for wooden details to make it look cozier and more relaxing.

However, if you’d like your deck to look extra fancy and classy, you might want to consider using glass for your railings. Just ensure that you use high-quality materials, as you’ll be exposing them to harsh environmental factors.

Upgrade Outdoor Lights

Apart from your floors, railings, and furniture, your outdoor deck lighting can help to enhance the beauty of your entire deck. While going for simple would be a safe option, upgrading them into something more modern and classier would surely help to make your deck look comfortable and relaxing.

Apart from the standard wall lights, you can include some post lights, spotlights, and even some string lights to help make the entire area look romantic and cozy. While adding a pendant or chandelier would surely sound fun, ensure that you hang them high and steady so you can prevent any possible accidents in case of strong winds.


Renovating your deck would surely help to upscale its look and spruce up your property. As you decide on what changes to make, ensure that it’s something that matches well with your home’s exterior and something that makes you happy.

You can begin by choosing the right color combination, adding plenty of seating area, adding some elevation, upgrading the lights, replacing your railings, and installing a canopy. With the right combination and planning, you should allow your deck to look sophisticated and modern.

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