6 Winter Plumbing Issues to Be Aware Of

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  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 23, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

The winter season is a time of snow, cold temperatures, and icy conditions. As a result, it’s also a time when many plumbing issues surface. These cause considerable disruption, unplanned expenses, and stress to homeowners.

To minimize the risk of plumbing issues during winter, talk to Milestone Home Service Co. The experts will inspect the system before the cold weather season and offer any necessary repairs or maintenance. Here are six winter plumbing issues to be aware of:

Frozen Pipes

Cold weather makes the water inside pipes to freeze, swell, and expand. Ice puts a lot of pressure on the lines, leading to cracks and leaks. To prevent frozen pipes, keep your home warm enough to ensure the water in the pipes remains above freezing.

Insulate exposed pipes, keep cabinet doors open to let warm air get inside, and disconnect all hoses from outside faucets. Because the basement is often poorly insulated, install a pipe heater to lower the risk of frozen pipes. Alternatively, use a heating pad or heat lamp.

Frozen Sump Pumps

A sump pump collects water in the sump pit and pumps it away from home. A sump pump can freeze when cold outside, making it less efficient.

Install a backup system. Switch on the other quickly if the primary sump pump fails due to cold weather. Other than this, ensure the pump is in good condition and operating efficiently. To minimize freezing, maintain a temperature of above 50 degrees around it.

Water Heater Issues

The extreme cold temperatures outside can reduce the efficiency of your water heater. It might also take longer to heat water and stay hot. To fix this issue, turn the temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Insulate pipes that lead to the heater and ensure the thermostat is in good condition.

Clogged Drains

Cold weather increases the risk of clogged drains due to freezing grease, fats, and other debris. The best way to avoid this is by being mindful of what you flush down the sink or toilet. If a clog occurs, it’s best to call an expert to clean the drain safely and efficiently.

Because clogged sewer lines also increase the risk of an overflow, inspect them regularly. Before the winter season, clean the sewer lines to ensure they can handle the increased water flow.

Cracks in the Foundation

The extreme cold and snow accumulation can cause the foundation to crack, leading to plumbing issues. To prevent this, keep snow from the foundation and check for cracks regularly.

If you spot any cracks, call a professional immediately. Directing downspouts away from the foundation is also an effective way to reduce the risks. Using de-icers near the foundation will prevent ice from forming and causing damage.

Pressure Issues

Issues during the cold season, such as frozen pipes, leaks, and clogs, cause the water pressure to drop. Low water pressure makes it difficult to do simple tasks such as showering and washing dishes. Let an expert inspect and rectify the issue. Additionally, replace worn-out washers and showerheads, as they also cause a reduction in water pressure.

Never Ignore Winter Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems in winter are more challenging to fix than in any other season. However, with proper care and preventive measures, you’ll keep plumbing issues to a minimum. Also, when experiencing any plumbing issue, it’s best to call a professional immediately. An experienced plumber can identify the problem and provide an appropriate solution.

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