7 Benefits Of Decorating Your Inner Roof

Decorating Your Inner Roof Is Beneficial For Amazing Look
  • Author: Mahwish Habib
  • Posted On: October 20, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Ceilings don’t have to be dull. Unfortunately, this is usually the case. Many homeowners think the inner roof should be plain and white. But you can rethink this notion and decorate it to have an elegant ceiling that enhances the overall look of your home.

The ceiling is the fifth wall. Therefore, it shouldn’t be neglected when decorating the interior of a home. You may choose from various options, such as tongue and groove, vaulted, coffered, beamed, shed, and suspended, to make your space one of a kind.

To understand why you shouldn’t leave out your fifth wall, here are the advantages of decorating your inner roof:

Opens A Room For Creativity

You can showcase your creativity in every space in your home, even the ceiling. That said, you can go the extra mile and decorate it however you want.

When it comes to decorating your ceiling, the designs or styles are practically unlimited. As for the material, wood is ideal because it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, you may opt for decorative wood planks or a combination of beams and wooden panels forming a checkerboard design.

However, when decorating your ceiling with woodwork, it’s advisable to hire professionals such as Hardie Boys, as the installation process can be tedious and complicated.

 A Room With Attractive Interior Gives A Touch Of Creativity

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Conceals Unsightly Ceiling

If your ceiling has undesirable marks or stains that you don’t want your visitors to know about, you can easily cover the flaws with wallpaper. There are many wallpapers in the market, so finding one that aligns with your home’s theme wouldn’t be challenging.

When wallpapering your ceiling, you can use the same kind of wallpaper on your walls, especially if you have a loft extension.

Choose a detailed wallpaper for the ceiling since it can perfectly conceal awkward features and distract the eye while blending the room’s angles. However, if you want to hide the imperfections with something other than wallpaper, consider visiting hardieboysinc.com to learn about different design options.

Makes The Ceiling Appear A Bit Lower

The height of your ceiling may not be ideal for the size of the room. If you think yours is a bit too high and you want it to appear lower, you may decorate it with dark-stained wood panels.

Another option is to paint your ceiling a dark colour. If the painting is done correctly, it will impart a cosy and intimate feel to your space.

Complements Wall Design

Wallpapers are gaining popularity by the day. They enhance the appearance of space without the need for painting. They come in different patterns and designs. Some are subtle, while others are bold with a lot of details.

If you chose the latter design for your wallpaper, you can’t have an ornate design for your ceiling. In this case, you may select one colour from your wallpaper and use it on your inner roof. This will give your space visual balance.

For instance, if your wallpaper has some grey patterns, choose plain grey to paint your inner roof. At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy colourful walls that don’t clash with your ceiling, resulting in a gorgeous space.

Enhances Architectural Details

If your ceiling has existing architectural details, you may decorate it in a way that highlights its design.

For instance, you may decorate your beamed ceiling with wooden planks in between to create visual interest. This design will blend well with rustic interiors, especially if you have other natural materials in your space. On the other hand, it can provide an excellent contrast to a home with a more contemporary design.

Adds Elegance

Decorating a ceiling has no limit. Any decoration on your inner roof can look good, from wood to metallic and anything in between. You can add a touch of elegance to your space through the ceiling, depending on your style.

For instance, you can choose to decorate your ceiling with metallic tiles. They’re lightweight and require less maintenance, making them suitable for your kitchen. Regardless of the material, metal ceiling tiles can add sparkle to your space.

Makes A Space Appear Larger

In the same way that decorating your ceiling can make it appear lower, you can also make your space appear larger. You can work with patterns and paint as they can significantly affect your space’s proportions.

So, if you’re looking forward to making your room appear larger, consider painting the ceiling with cool-toned colours like white. This will create the illusion of vertical space if your walls are painted in a different colour.


If you’re looking forward to enhancing your home’s appearance through the ceiling, you can do so in various ways. Your options include installing decorative woodwork, using wallpaper, or simply painting it a different colour.

However, when installing ceiling decoration, you need to be sufficiently skilled and experienced in carpentry or construction. Otherwise, consider hiring experts to decorate your ceiling for a professional touch.

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