7 Signs Your Drains Are Blocked Around Your Property

Plumber using plunger to unclog sink drain in kitchen
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: February 20, 2023
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Blocked drains cause a lot of inconveniences and damage to your property because they contain rotten materials and toxic wastewater. It can lead to foul odors and make it difficult for you to use your bathrooms or sinks. It can also make staying indoors or outdoors unbearable. The problems can start as minor ones but slowly become extensive.

Several things can cause a blockage in your drains, including tree roots, leaves, baby wipes, sanitary pads, calcium buildup, and soap. You’d like to fix the minor problems as soon as you spot the signs in your house. Conducting regular maintenance also helps in avoiding major issues.

You can find help from reliable experts within your locality. If you’re after drain clearing Northern Beaches, contact companies based in the area for quick action, as they’re always a phone call away and will take just a few minutes to reach your property. They can come in to assist you if you have an emergency or need to have your drains cleaned.

Before searching for help, you must know the telltale signs of a blocked sewer. Below are seven signs that indicate your drains are blocked around your property:

Sluggish Drainage

Your sink, showers, or toilets are supposed to let out wastewater easily and quickly. However, if they become sluggish, this indicates a blockage within the system. Debris, oils, and large food particles stuck in the drainage pipes could cause the blockage.

You’ll notice water accumulating at the base of your drain and taking longer than usual before it runs down. When this happens, you must physically inspect the sewers outside the property so you can determine what is stuck in the system.

Flooding In Your Property

Flooding inside your home can destroy your furniture or carpets. On the exterior, it can cause damage to your lawn or garden. Thus, if you notice unusual flooding in your home, it means your pipes may have burst.

This could make your property and home have foul smells and blackish smears. It isn’t good for your health because of the pathogenic bacteria in blackwater and greywater.

Kitchen counter with clogged sink, plunger and plumber's accesso

Kitchen counter with clogged sink, plunger and plumber’s accessories

Waste Water Backup

A drainage system is typically designed to facilitate water flow in one direction. A backup in your sink, toilet, shower, or tub could indicate a drain problem and the need for sewer repair. Water may reverse direction if the drain pipes are blocked with numerous items like tissues, kitchen grease, food substances, or baby wipes.

It’s essential to address the issue urgently because sewage from your drains—usually dark in color—can bring dangerous bacteria and viruses into your home, causing water-borne diseases that harm your health. You should also know the average water levels in the lavatory to know when there’s a blockage in the drains.

Foul Odors

Musty smells are one of the first signs something is wrong with your drainage systems. However, it can be challenging to tell its source because the drainage system has many components. Sometimes you may think it’s just a foul odor from something stale in the house and assume it. But it’s best to look for the root cause of the problem, whether it’s the shower, toilet, or kitchen sink.

Strange Gurgling Sound

The sinks, bathrooms, toilets, and pipes in your house are supposed to function optimally without abnormal sounds. Thus, if you notice strange gurgling sounds from your pipes, it may indicate an obstruction. The sounds may come from your plug holes, pipes, or the toilet flush. The cause for these sounds is usually due to trapped air in the pipes caused by the blockage. It can be flushed out of the system by pouring sufficient water into the drain pipes.

Presence Of Pests

Pests love and thrive in dirty and unhygienic places. So, if you notice numerous cockroaches, flies, or rats roaming around your house, it may indicate there’s a burst part of your drainage system they’re feeding on. Pests mainly inhabit sewers because of the food they get from them. Ensure you fix the problems in your system earlier because you risk having a severe pest infestation if you ignore the initial signs.

Frequent Clogs

It’s normal to fix clogs once in a while in your house. However, it can sometimes become a recurring problem in your home, which can inconvenience you and your family. Thus, if you have to unclog the bathroom, kitchen sink, or toilet every other day, it’s best to have a professional look at your drainage system because chances are it’s blocked.


It helps to know the typical signs of blocked drains before they become a major problem. Don’t ignore even minor signs, as they can become significant problems, making staying on your property unbearable or unsafe. Immediately call a professional for a thorough inspection, and they’ll suggest reasonable remedial measures. Such a proactive approach to drainage problems ensures your home stays clean, free from foul odors, and safe.

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