7 Tips For Organizing Wires, Cords, And Cables

Guide for Organizing Wires, Cords, And Cables
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: March 16, 2022
  • Updated On: July 8, 2023

Wires, cords, and cables are necessary for daily life as almost everything needs to be connected, charged, or operated with electricity. Some people constantly struggle to keep them neat, whereas others could have innovative ideas to make the job easier.

With more and more electronic and digital devices entering our homes and workspaces, it could mean that there’s a lot more cable clutter to sort out as well. For those who struggle to find an excellent way to keep the wires, cords, and cables organized, we have a few tips to follow:

1) Call In The Professionals

People who have many devices in one home may need professionals to come in and do the organizing. Their professional methods would ensure lasting and beautiful results in any home.

Instead of struggling to make sense of all those untidy cables swinging and hanging in every direction, these companies would employ the best solution for that specific space. With options like conduit and cradles at Cable Pro, the clutter will be organized in no time.

2) Use Helpful Labels

Often, a specific cable is needed for a device, but the correct one just can’t be found among all the similar-looking ones. Most cords come in the same colors as black, white, or grey, making a bunch of them together look like one big crow’s nest.

Don’t waste valuable time and effort searching through the bunch; label them and make it easier. Adhesive labels work well, and an eco-friendlier way could be to use bread bag clips. The clips fit snuggly around the cable and have enough space for writing the device’s name on them.

Tips For Organizing Use Helpful Labels

3) Create A Central Storage

Not all cables are used daily, some only on occasion. For this reason, it would be better to store them in an organized way. Plastic containers like toolboxes or arts and crafts boxes make great storage units for cables. Roll them up neatly and store them in their respective compartments until they’re needed.

A plastic storage crate could be used for larger power cables and extensions, and each cable roll could be tucked into its own space before storing the container in the garage or shed.

4) Neatly Velcro Them

Local hardware stores may stock Velcro strips specifically designed to organize wires, cords, and cables. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and would help to keep clutter at bay.

If the store in the area doesn’t stock these, anyone could make their own using regular Velcro from the sewing shop. Take one strip from each side of the Velcro and stitch them together in the middle. After that, wrap it around the cord, as easy as that.

5) Colorful Cable Ties

Another old do-it-yourself (DIY) favorite is cable ties—different sizes, strengths, and colors are available to make organizing simple. Unlike their Velcro counterparts, cable ties are more readily available, with some general grocers and drugstores stocking them.

Use different colors to code the cable rolls that will be stored for a long time, or put the same color cable tie at the plug and device ends of the cable to make tracing them easier.

6) Buy Cable Organizers

Buy Cable Organizers like in this box

Many cable organizers can be bought for all the decluttering and storage needs for wires, cords, and cables. Creative, cute, brightly colored, plastic, metal, you name it, and you may find it.

Earphone cord organizers, for example, are handy as those wires are so thin and tangle pretty easily. Some variants clip onto the table to hang the cords, each in their own space. Then there are cable boxes available with holes already made for each cable to go through. These organizers make it easier for smaller cords to be stored and neatened.

7) Reuse And Recycle Household Items

Toilet paper rolls, ice cream tubs, chip tubes, and many other household items could be reused or recycled to make storage solutions. Although they’re usually labeled as trash, these items could become helpful once more.

Fabric shoe organizers could hold cords instead, and coffee tins with a new coat of paint and a label could also serve as a refreshing new organizer. Any item that could double as a storage container could be converted to hold wires, cords, and cables.

Coiling It Up

Beat the cable organizing blues with these tips and add more to the list!

There is no set way to organize wires or cords, as long as they’re kept neat and tucked away out of sight. Each area of the home or office may look different, and therefore, not all solutions would work equally well.

So, find the right solution for the purpose it needs to fulfill and start organizing.

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