8 Warning Signs of a Bad Circuit That You Should Never Ignore

8 Warning Signs of a Bad Circuit That You Should Never Ignore
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 10, 2021
  • Updated On: July 3, 2023

For many homeowners, the electrical wiring in the house can be a complicated system. Yet, even if you don’t know how to make electrical repairs yourself, you can still spot potential problems.

This guide will point out 8 warning signs that you have a bad circuit breaker. If you notice any of these indicators, don’t hesitate to call an electrician.

1) Flipping Routinely

The breakers are designed to handle a certain amount of power. If overloaded, they will flip. However, if your breakers are frequently flipping when they are only powering a modest amount of electricity, you have a problem.

You may have bad breakers or need to add electrical service to your home.

2) Hot Breakers

Due to the current running through the box, the breakers will always be warm. However, if the switches are ever hot to the touch, you should be concerned. If you believe the switches are dangerously hot, shut off the main power switch to the home.

3) Melted Switches

If you don’t notice the hot to the touch switches in time, you may wind up with melted switches. The wires are running so hot that they can melt the plastic in the box. This calls for immediate service. If left alone, it can lead to a house fire.

4) Scorch Marks

Another physical damage indicator is scorch marks in the breaker box. Age or corrosion are two possible reasons for breaker burns. Look for orange and black burn scars on or around the switches.

5) Old Age

The professionals suggest breakers will last around 30 years. Think about when you had the system installed. If it is getting up there in age, the circuits could begin to fail.

In fact, old breakers can fail without tripping. This link will explain the process: https://baypower.com/blog/circuit-breaker-fails-without-tripping/

6) Electrical Burning Odor

Just because you don’t see physical damage doesn’t mean everything is okay. Sometimes the faults are happening behind the paneling. If you smell an electrical burn, the insulated wires are melting. This can cause a fire. Shut off the power to the home and call a professional.

7) Trouble at the Outlets

Signs you need a new circuit breaker won’t always show up at the switchboard. If you are noticing issues on the outlet side, the problems source to the breaker box. Such things to watch out for are the outlet failing to provide power or routine resets.

8) Flickering Lights

The lights in your home are hardwired, but they are still run on the breaker box. Flickering lights in your home can suggest a failing circuit breaker. Many times, the circuit is being overloaded and it can’t provide enough power to the lights.

Look For These Signs of a Bad Circuit Breaker

8 Warning Signs of a Bad Circuit That You Should Never Ignore

The electricity in your home is complicated. However, you don’t have to be a professional to look for these signs of a bad circuit breaker. If you are having issues, it is time to call in a professional service.

If you found this guide useful, stick around. There a many great homeowner articles on the blog.

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