9 Mind-Boggling Techniques and Enhance Your Architectural Skills

A famous book by the author Austin Kleon- "Steal like an artist", is what we recommend to every architecture student to get the true essence
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: March 19, 2021
  • Updated On: July 16, 2023

The foremost rule of being an architect is to be original and creative. A famous book by the author Austin Kleon- “Steal like an artist”, is what we recommend to every architecture student to get the true essence of this profession.

The gist of the book says that there is no such thing as the original. Everything exists already. You should rework, remold and manipulate to get new and creative ideas.

Copying is nothing but a bad thing. Still, if you steal and mold, it may work wonders for you.

In today’s times, when ample ideas exist, it may be challenging to come up with original ideas. Therefore, you should not be embarrassed to accept the fact and use it in your favor.

Let us go through the various techniques to improve your architecture skills.

Regularly visit architecture exhibitions and shows

There are many shows and exhibitions that you can visit regularly and get inspired from. These shows offer a huge variety of ideas and projects that will motivate you to think creatively.

These shows offer projects that are designed with limiting restrictions. They are different from the regular and give a refreshing feel.

Alone with projects and ideas, these shows let you stay updated with the current architectural trends and designs and, they display the latest representation techniques.

Once you are updated with the latest trend, you can set a benchmark and aim to work harder than this.

Power of literature

These days, online media platforms and promotions influence every profession heavily. We have become impatient towards getting solutions to our problems. We need quick answers to our problems.

It is essential to know that there are no shortcuts to success. Shorts cuts hardly exist and never take you in the right way.

Especially in architecture, shortcuts do not work. It takes time to create classic designs, and literature is your best friend to create masterpieces.

Physically reading books can be constructive for your designs.

There are some amazing architecture design books available in the market. Every architecture student should go through them.

Architecture lectures

Hearing it first-hand from the horse’s mouth is always beneficial than getting second-hand information from secondary sources.

You can find many lectures given by famous architects and listen to them to better understand this field.

A famous book by the author Austin Kleon- "Steal like an artist", is what we recommend to every architecture student to get the true essence

These lectures provide many opportunities and open several avenues that will help you shape up your career in a positive way.

Another benefit of listening to direct lectures is that you can meet your friends and peers. Meeting your peers helps you get new insights and opens up your mind to new ideas and designs.

Be curious

Irrespective of being a seasoned player or a student, it is essential to be curious and know various things. Keep asking questions, and feed your curiosity.

Do not be afraid to ask questions, and do not hesitate in front of your seniors. The habit of asking questions helps you to know and learn many new things and concepts.

By asking your seniors and mentors questions, you can learn a lot from them and absorb a significant amount of their knowledge.

If you do not ask WHY for any concept, you will never know its history, and hence it won’t be easy to implement that concept in your designs and functioning.

Once you ask questions, automatically, your brain starts functioning in that direction and opens up to take criticism as well.

Find “your” architecture

Most of the time, obsession leads to success. One of the ways is to select any favorite building of yours and be obsessed with it.

Once you have figured out your choice, you may ask several other questions such as, “Why do I like it?” “What else can be done to improve it?” and other such questions.

Once you submerge yourself into your choice and engage yourself completely, you will gain success in no time.

Don’t ignore the landscape

For any site, the landscape is an important part. The landscape and the architecture design go hand in hand.

Since they go together, do not leave the landscape part for the end. Instead, consider it at the initial stages and be clear with the architectural concepts.

You can always search for your famous or otherwise famous landscape architects and research them to get complete knowledge of this domain.

Give yourself time

Self-time is the essential ingredient to success in any field as it gives time to introspect and sort things out. Architectural designs and ideas should not be designed and adapted in a rush.

They should be adequately discussed to get the best ideas and make the most out of them.

So, give yourself sufficient time and let the ideas develop correctly before the final presentation.

Stay relevant

To stay up to date with the industry trends and be an essential part of the industry, it is crucial to stay relevant.

Be aware and update of the latest techniques, technologies, and concepts to implement those in your ideas and designs. Being aware of the current trends and methods will make your designs more adaptive and attractive.

You can subscribe to several architectural blogs and newsletters to stay updated.

Don’t let criticism affect you

Every profession has advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for architecture. Many people would not understand your designs or may not interpret the designs as you do.

This should not discourage you from working hard on your dreams and following your passion.

In the Nutshell

Many people stop following their dreams due to many constraints, financial constraints being significant contributors.

These days many lenders understand their situation and provide various loans. For your financial factor, too, you can take out guaranteed loans from multiple lenders and stay on top of the architecture industry.

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