Adding Copper to Your Kitchen: 4 Areas to Start

Areas to Start Adding Copper to Your Kitchen
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: September 22, 2022
  • Updated On: September 28, 2023

When you think of copper, the first things that come to mind are likely a red bridge, a penny, and maybe even the Statue of Liberty. While these all make for great examples of copper, they’re not exactly what we have in mind when thinking of this metal.

You see, copper has been used for centuries to increase the heat retention of cookware. It is a common material found in pots and pans, but it can also be added to other kitchen items.

This article will give you some creative ideas on bringing a bit of copper into your home.

We’ll show you how to work copper into your kitchen as well as other places in your home without it feeling forced or unnatural.

Copper Range Hood

The copper range hood is a decorative and functional piece of the kitchen. Like all other copper items, it will have a patina over time. If you are not interested in that, consider buying a stainless steel range hood.

The size of the range hood can vary depending on the size of your kitchen and personal preference. Always consult an electrician for any electrical work if you decide to install a range hood yourself.

Some companies sell expertly crafted prefabricated or custom-made copper ornaments, trays, and grills. For example, CopperSmith Range Hoods offer many styles, from traditional to modernist, with many different sizes. From rectangular to round ventilation openings, there is a style for every home.

Copper Sink

Copper is a durable and beautiful metal that can be used in many areas of the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a new sink or want to update your faucet, adding copper will make your kitchen feel luxurious and traditional.

Copper sinks are available with one or two bowls and are typically installed as an under mount sink where the countertop goes up to the bottom.

The water doesn’t stay in contact with the copper, so it’s more resistant to rusting. It is a great way to have modern and traditional styling in your home. Copper is a versatile material that can be incorporated into any design, from contemporary to classic. It offers different patinas and has been known to develop its unique patina over time.

Copper Trimming

If you’re considering installing copper trim, consider this important detail before you start—the finish on the trim will affect how well it matches the rest of your décor. For example, a bright polished finish may not match other finishes in your kitchen, while a brushed or matte finish would better blend in with your decor.

The color of the wall behind the trim is another factor to consider when choosing a finish for your trim. Make sure that it’s something that won’t clash with any colors in your kitchen. If you want a more traditional look, pick up some copper flatware. They have beautiful and timeless designs.

You could add decorative elements such as coasters, napkin holders, and trivets to complete the look. And don’t forget about using copper pots and pans. These items can be found at most home improvement stores and are available in many different styles and shapes.

Copper Cookware

When picking out a piece of copper cookware or utensil, consider what it will be primarily used for. For example, some items that work well with vegetables and fruits are hard-lined pans like sautéing or frying pans because they have thicker metal walls that will not react with acidic foods.

Pots or saucepans work well for liquids because their thinner metal walls will not react with food acids or sugars from sauces or broths.

Consider the material you’ll be cooking with as well; nonstick coatings may wear off more quickly on copper. Washing the cookware by hand should suffice, but if it is put in the dishwasher, place only one item per load and use a gentle detergent. Be sure to dry thoroughly before storing to prevent tarnish marks.

Why Should You Add Copper To Your Kitchen?

Copper is a metal that can be used for both cooking and decorative purposes. Copper cookware, for example, is more effective than other types of cookware because the copper reacts with food or liquids to create a nonstick surface.

Not only does it make cooking easier, but it also makes your kitchen look better. In addition, its heat retention helps you reduce energy usage and can handle extreme temperatures without warping. Other benefits of adding copper to your kitchen include:

Aesthetic Appeal

Who doesn’t love the shine? Just one slight touch of copper can bring an ordinary room to life. Moreover, copper ages beautifully and is one of the most versatile metals in design. It’s so beautiful and classy looking; even if you have one small piece (like a pot), it will still add some style to your kitchen.


Copper is not easy to scratch or dent, meaning those pieces will last much longer than others. On the other hand, it’s durable and won’t tarnish, meaning you’ll get years of use out of it before needing to replace any part.

Copper is easily cleaned by hand washing with soap and water, but you can also purchase cleaners specifically designed for copper.

Antibacterial Properties

Since copper is antimicrobial and antibacterial, it’s perfect for kitchens where germs are always present. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about illness spreading again since all you need to do is clean the metal as required.

Energy Efficient

Although this depends on how well insulated your home is, copper can help save you money on heating and cooling costs because it doesn’t transfer heat as quickly as other materials such as steel or aluminum.

If you’re interested in reducing your energy consumption and beautifying your house simultaneously, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t try adding copper to your kitchen.

Saving Money

Copper products often come with warranties, meaning they cost less and are long-term. Plus, they typically last much longer than other materials like ceramic or plastic, so they end up saving you money in the long run.

In Summary

Thanks to its durability and eye-catching properties, copper is set to be a common sight in many kitchen designs in the coming years.

So, whether you have an industrial-inspired loft or a cottage-style house, copper accents will work well in almost any kitchen, and you’ll find this material very easy to incorporate, be it CopperSmith range hoods or sinks.

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