All You Need To Know About Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal Panels by Dungfu Perforating

Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal Panels by Dungfu Perforating
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: July 1, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Perforated metals are self-describing metal panels. These thin metallic plates or sheets are punched mechanically using computerized numerical control technology (CNC) or laser cutting technology to create holes of different shapes and sizes.

These perforated metal sheets are used in mining, agriculture, aerospace, textile, and audio equipment industries. Still, the most popular use of decorative perforated sheet metal panels is in architectural applications.

One of the most popular uses of perforated metal sheets is their use in decorations. Whether you plan to paint your building’s landscapes with a stunning Mona Lisa portrait, dot paint ceilings, or triangle design a staircase, all you need is an excellent artist, some paint, and beautifully designed custom perforated sheet metal panels.

Why should we get a decorative perforated sheet metal panel?

Modernization is a global concept. With the emerging technological advancement, a person requires a unique design. Architectural advancements play a significant role in different sectors of the economy, generating tourism and, eventually, finances for a business or a company.

Decorative perforated metal sheets provide architects with a robust, advanced, environmental-friendly, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing solution. These metallic plates create artistic landscapes for exterior and interior decor.

Dongfu Perforating, China

Dongfu perforating is a Chinese decorative metal sheet panels wholesale business that deals in different materials, colors, hole types, and decorative patterns of perforated metals.

Perforated metal materials

Dongfu perforating deals in five different metals: Perforated copper, brass, aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel sheets.

With the change in the material of the decorative perforated metal sheets, their price, strength, and durability also changed. Choosing a suitable material for your ceilings or staircase is very important for the overall safety and sustainability of the architectural building.

Hole types

Choosing the right kind of hole pattern for your decorative perforated metal panels is essential for proper ventilation, light, sound, and the overall beautification of the space.

Dongfu deals in round, square, hexagonal, and slotted hole types, which you can customize according to your requirements. All these shapes are essential and have multiple subtypes to choose from. These hole types are incredibly cost-effective and give a beautiful decorative effect.


Dongfu also produces decorative perforated metal sheet panels in different color shades. However, you can only choose galvanized steel or aluminum perforated metal sheet materials for customizing colors.

Color is applied to the perforated metal sheets using dry powder coating by electrolysis. It is durable and bright, and it resists corrosion. Dongfu has a catalog on its website with several colors that they’ve used in the past.

Customer Support

Dongfu also provides excellent customer support services. You can call or email their customer support team with any query. They have a form on their website for wholesale orders that requires all the essential information the experts require before suggesting the perfect perforated solution.


With a rise in architectural advancements, decorative perforated metal sheet panels are gaining popularity. Computer software and modern technology have made it possible to design limitless perforated metal panels. From simple circular patterns to deep hexagonal flowers, any design can be perfectly created using decorative perforated metal sheet panels by Dongfu perforating.

On top of this, they support free samples for quality inspection and are cost-effective. What else do you need for a decor project?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the uses of perforated metal sheet panels?

Among many other things, these sheets are used to create signboards, ventilation grills, facades, temporary airfield surfaces, acoustic panels, pipe guards, and stair treads.

What are the drawbacks of perforated metal panels?

Other building materials like wood, concrete, brick, or stone are often more expensive than steel. Furthermore, galvanized steel is on the lower end regarding perforated metal prices.

What is the best alternative to perforated metal panels?

Similar functional benefits to those of perforated metal are provided by expanded metal. Instead of punching through holes, the material is created by slicing and stretching metal sheets. Raw materials are wasted very little as a result of this.

Are mesh and perforated metal different from each other?

Yes! When more open space is needed in a design, adding more with a wire mesh product is relatively easy. It takes longer and wastes more metal when adding additional open space to a perforated sheet because more cuts must be made in the metal.

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