7 Small Bathroom Changes That Make A Big Difference

7 Small Bathroom Changes That Make A Big Difference
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 5, 2023
  • Updated On: October 31, 2023

Even small bathrooms can be totally transformed with a few clever upgrades and design tricks. You can create the illusion of more space and a spa-like feel without taking on a full remodel. Strategic changes like new lighting, mirrors, paint colors and fixtures go a long way in maximizing utility and style affordably. Read on for 7 simple small bathroom updates for a big impact.

1. Upgrade Lighting For Brightness

Poorly lit bathrooms feel dark and cramped. Just changing out an outdated ceiling fixture can make the space feel significantly brighter and more inviting.

Seek out lighting offering at least 5000 lumens or 75 watts. Install fixtures on dimmers to control the ambiance. Stylish sconces flanking the vanity boost functionality. Swap dull bulbs for flexible LEDs in temperatures like bright white, soft white, and even colored. The right lighting illuminates elegantly.

2. Add Mirrors To Expand The Space

Strategically placed mirrors visually double available space with the illusion of depth. Hang an oversized mirror across from the windows or above the vanity to expand the room’s perspective.

Enable adjustable tilting for personalized use. Alternatively, arrange three coordinating mirrors in different sizes across one wall for an upscale look. Mirrored cabinets keep toiletries organized too.

3. Paint In Light, Bright Colors

Dark dingy colors recede and feel uninviting in small bathrooms. Painting walls, cabinets, vanities, and ceilings in light neutrals opens up the space visually. Soft hues like pale blue, green, and gray work well. Add contrast with white moldings and linens.

Vertical stripes and patterns also convey height versus narrowness. Painting cabinets a slightly deeper color grounds the room. If permitted, windowless bathrooms can safely use waterproof LED lighting to mimic natural light.

4. Install Space-Saving Cabinetry

Lack of storage makes small bathrooms seem disorganized quickly. Custom cabinetry maximizes every inch intelligently.

Have bathroom remodelers in Dallas, TX measure for narrow drawers, corner cabinets, and medicine cabinets that fit just right. Wall-hung floating cabinets maintain floor space underneath. Use baskets and adjustable shelves for customizable organization. Consolidate toiletries and tools to only the essentials needed regularly. Proper storage hides clutter.

5. Update Fixtures And Finishes

Dated fixtures and finishes instantly cheapen the look of a bathroom. Swap out worn faucets, showerheads, towel bars, and toilet paper holders for fresh coordinating finishes in satin nickel, bronze, or matte black. Consider upgrading to a modern sanicubic1 toilet for added convenience and efficiency.

Change the paint color, and wall tile, or add an accent tile border to update style easily. Freshen caulking and grout too. Look for small rectangular tiles to expand the look versus large squares. Little details modernize the whole space.

6. Repurpose Wasted Space

Examine every corner and niche to utilize awkward areas smartly. Build out dead wall space with floating shelves or vertical storage. Turn the area behind doors into organized shelving solutions. Convert empty under-sink space to practical storage baskets. Install stylish corner shelving for extra storage capacity too. 

7. Elevate Ambiance With Details

It’s the little touches that transform a utilitarian bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Soften hard surfaces by hanging shower curtains or introducing natural textiles. Ceramic vessel sinks and polished metal accents add artisanal style versus basic porcelain basins.

Upgrade towels and bath mats in soothing hues. Curating calming decor like framed nature prints, candles, and greenery completes the vibe. Focus on quality over quantity of accessories.

To Wrap Up

With careful planning and compact solutions, even the smallest bathroom can be customized into a comfortable retreat. Lighting, mirrors, storage, paint, fixtures, and creative use of space make a big visual impact without major renovation.

Partnering with professional bathroom remodelers provides the expertise to design a bath that looks and functions beautifully within your budget. A few upgrades create a surprisingly luxe experience.

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