Best Block Paving Sealers For 2023

Best Block Paving Sealers
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: March 15, 2023
  • Updated On: March 15, 2023

Block paving sealers refer to the compounds used to hold down the surface of a paving block before placing it and, in most cases, also to seal a new surface. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of eco-friendly materials that have seen use in sealing paving blocks such as lime-based mortars and slag cement. They will generally offer a longer life span than traditional lime-based products that are less environmentally friendly.

Best Block Paving Sealers For 2023

1. Lime-Based Paving Sealers

The most commonly used block paving sealer is lime. Lime is an excellent general-purpose compound that will improve the appearance of a paving block.

Lime tends to form a strong bond with the surface of block paving so it needs to be added slowly and carefully while trying not to damage the blocking.

2. Picseal block Paving Sealer

Picseal is a product that is used to seal a new surface. Picseal is a hydrophobic-based compound that forms an excellent bond with the surface of block paving and is often used in conjunction with other types of sealers such as lime-based products.

This helps prevent the surface from being destroyed by rainwater, snow, and hard sunlight. Creative paving is Leading Picseal Supplier in Essex because of its quality and effectiveness.

3. Slag-Based Paving Sealers

Slag cement, a by-product of cast iron production, is an excellent form of paving sealer that can be used in creating a natural and permanent finish. Slag cement forms a hard outer shell on the surface of block paving so it is more resistant to weathering and has longer-lasting characteristics.

Therefore, it is the best block paving sealer for longevity. Slag-based products tend to be less abrasive to the main surface of the paving stone as well as use more environmentally friendly materials.

4. Ronseal Patio and Block Paving 

Ronseal Patio and Block Paving is a great product that offers a good block paving sealer. It is very easy to use and sets quickly, creating a permanent finish on the surface of block paving. Ronseal is an environmentally friendly block paving sealer that uses natural, non-toxic ingredients to create a durable seal on the surface of block paving.

5. Smartseal Block Paving Sealer

The eco-friendly block paving sealer, smart seal, is not reliant on lime or any other hard chemicals. In fact, smart seal uses a simple water and sand mix to create a durable and permanent finish on the surface of block paving. Smartseal is also pH neutral so it does not require any sort of removal before placement. It will create an excellent base for the paving blocks that can be used for patios as well as walkways and driveways.

6. Sandstone Sealer 

Sandstone sealer is a natural paving block sealer that creates a strong bond with existing sandstone surfaces. It can be applied to patios and driveways just as easily as walkways and offers an aesthetically pleasing finish on the surface of the sandstone. Sandstone sealer is also an eco-friendly block paving sealer that uses natural ingredients to create a hard, durable shell on the surface of the sandstone.

In conclusion, there are many different options for the best block paving sealer. Each one offers something unique that can help enhance the value of sandstone surfaces and create a durable finish on the surface of block paving. The most important thing to remember is to find a sealing compound that will create a long-lasting finish on the surface of existing paving blocks.

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