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Cracked brick foundation
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  • Posted On: February 28, 2023
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Bricks are the ultimate age- and weather-proof material that can withstand even the harshest conditions—from wet climates to wildfire-prone areas. Bricks also lend a classic, natural look while helping improve overall energy efficiency and cancel noise. As such, bricks are the perfect solution for most homes in Waterloo, Canada.

Despite careful maintenance, bricks aren’t indestructible. And when you see signs of brick damage, you ask yourself, ‘how much will it cost?’ While you may think of repairing it yourself, note that brick repairs are best left to professionals like D’Angelo Brick Repair. They ensure well-done brickwork that can last for years. If you’re interested in their services, click here.

The cost of brick repair services varies depending on a number of things. In this article, you’ll learn the average cost of brick repair services and several factors that influence the final price.

Average Cost Of Brick Repair

According to HomeAdvisor, brick repair costs can range from USD$750 to USD$2,500, with an average of over USD$1,600. Brick repair services can charge you USD$20–USD$40 per square foot, depending on factors including brick and structure quality and damage.

Repairing old brick wall using hammer and burin.

Repairing old brick wall using hammer and burin.

5 Factors Influencing Brick Repair Price

Various factors can drive the overall cost of repairing or replacing your brick structure. Here are some of them:


The brick structure that needs to be repaired is the most significant factor affecting the service cost. Simple repair jobs cost less than substantial structural damage and complete restoration. Here are some of the typical brick repair services and their average prices:

Brick Step Repair

If you have brick steps on your patio or around your home in need of repair, you need to pay an average of USD$300–USD$750 per step. Leveling sunken steps can cost you a minimum of USD$200.

Brick Porch Repair

For a brick porch, you can spend about USD$2,500 for moderate repairs. Brick replacement ranges from USD$10 to USD$30 per square foot.

Spalling Brick Repair

Spalling refers to flaked, crumbly, and pitted bricks after years of deterioration or due to improper installation. Repairing a spalling brick involves the removal and replacement of spalling bricks, which can cost between USD$1,000 and USD$3,500 per 100 square feet.

Bowing Brick Wall Repair

Repairing a bowing brick wall can set you back up to USD$2,000–USD$6,500 per 100 square feet, depending on the repair methods and damage. Repair services for bowing bricks include gutter cleaning, tree removal, carbon fiber straps, and wall anchors.

Brick Wall And Foundation Crack

Minor brick walls and foundation cracks can only cost you USD$250–USD$800. However, major repairs and cracks bigger than 1/8 inch may indicate structural issues and run up to USD$10,000 or more.

Full Restoration

You need to pay anywhere from USD$5,000 to over USD$20,000 for a full brick restoration, depending on the project size. A complete restoration typically includes spalling, relacing, and crack repairs, thus the considerable expense.

Brick Type

Different areas use distinct types of brick. For instance, the bricks used on your fireplace differ from those used on your exterior walls. The color, size, and type of brick influence the repair price.

Generally, the more expensive the brick is, the more it costs per square foot. Regular red bricks can cost you less than USD$1, but hard-to-find antique bricks can cost up to USD$10 per brick.


The extent of damage can impact how much you need to pay. Replacing or repairing a few bricks or a few square feet of a brick wall costs significantly less than replacing a whole brick wall.

Mason Experience

Since masonry is a skilled trade, professionals with many years of experience are more likely to charge more than newbies. Brick masons have specific training to learn repair techniques, including how to work with a wide range of materials.

That said, you may consider getting a less experienced or newly qualified mason for simple jobs to limit the cost. For more complex repairs though, you may want to hire an experienced mason to ensure proper installation.


Location is another critical factor that influences the price of your brick repair needs. Service companies in various locations follow different pricing.

Some can perform brick repair at a low cost, while others may charge double, depending on the locations and service demands they’re established on. For instance, a brick repair service branch in a bustling city may have different pricing from a family-owned mason business in a small suburban town.


Whether it covers your home’s exterior wall or is used on a focal structure such as a fireplace or an interior accent wall, bricks offer an elegant look with a guarantee of longevity. And while bricks can last for a hundred years or more, they’re not entirely unbreakable.

The estimated price for brick repairs can be as low as USD$100 or as high as over USD$12,000. Numerous factors contribute to the final price. The best way to determine accurate pricing is to consult reputable brick repair companies in your area.

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