Can Cleaning Air Ducts Cause Hvac To Malfunction

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  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Most HVAC businesses provide duct cleaning as a service. Cleaning your air ducts, though, may cause more damage than good. Most homeowners decide to have their air ducts cleaned since they have outdated ducts that have been collecting dust for more than ten years while sitting in their attics or inside their walls.

Most HVAC providers will promote duct cleaning to enhance indoor air quality but neglect to note that this service can seriously harm duct systems, necessitating future repairs. Remember that there are various other potential sources of particles in homes besides unclean air ducts.

Furthermore, there is no proof that breathing in air ducts containing a small quantity of household dust or other particle matter puts your health in danger.

Why Shouldn’t You Consider Air Ducts Cleaning Yourself?

You must be aware of the construction and design of flex ducts to comprehend why Smart Air does not advise any duct cleaning for them. A spring wrapped in a thin layer of plastic is the basis of flex ducts.

This thin plastic layer is protected by an insulation layer, which prevents heat from entering or leaving the duct. The exterior duct cover is located around that. The heat inside your attic or interior home walls has only exacerbated the delicate coating of plastic that once surrounded the spring over time.

Since their installation, these ducts have probably never been moved. Years after installation, when these air ducts are moved for cleaning, there is a significant chance that the delicate coating of plastic will shatter.

These breaks won’t be visible by simply looking at the ducts because they are covered. If these cracks are not repaired, they may permanently harm your heating or cooling system and increase the expense of future repair work.

What Are The Common Risks When You Don’t Clean Air Ducts?

Low Indoor Air Quality

Your ducts should be cleaned professionally if your family suffers from allergies or other breathing-related illnesses. Your ducts are magnets for debris, allergies, and pollutants they collect.

Your air won’t be pure after the ducts are full of that debris, so you and your family will breathe in additional toxins. Unclean filters will make the issue worse. Clogged filters let more dust and allergens into your duct system.

Increased Level Of Carbon Monoxide

Your family is seriously endangered by carbon monoxide. Exposure to carbon monoxide may result in headaches and nausea. Over a lengthy period, moderate carbon monoxide exposure can be lethal.

Unfortunately, you run a greater danger of carbon monoxide exposure if you don’t have your ducts cleaned frequently. This is because dirty ducts make your heater and air conditioner overheat, raising carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Excessive Mold Growth

It’s possible that your HVAC system or air ducts are to blame for the mold growth in your home. The air duct can develop into the ideal breeding ground for mold over time as your HVAC system works to cool the outside air and remove moisture from it.

The moist atmosphere produced when water vapor from the outside air enters a space is ideal for mold formation. You run the danger of making your home more susceptible to coughing, sneezing, and other breathing issues if you don’t have a routine air duct cleaning service check things out.

The best thing is mold development is rather simple to determine whether it’s already taking place in your air ducts. There’s a significant probability that you have mold growing in your air ducts if you detect any musty odor from your HVAC system.

Skin Allergies

You need to be concerned about more than just respiratory issues when mold and other irritants are present in your home’s HVAC system. It’s crucial to rule out any potential causes of any inexplicable changes to your skin, and the best way to do this is to hire an air duct cleaning service to look for any issues.

Many other things might make your skin itchy, but if you haven’t been outside too much and suddenly developed a rash, a dirty duct is probably to blame.

High Energy Bills

Like normal DIYers, your search for practical ways to lower energy costs. When you notice filth on the walls near your air vents, one easy but frequently forgotten solution is to get, your air ducts cleaned.

That often occurs once every year or two. Stick to the yearly plan if you frequently deal with high pollen levels or reside in an especially dusty area. Your HVAC system will run more effectively and more cost-effectively if your air duct system is kept clean.


It’s critical to tailor your maintenance and care for your HVAC system and air ducts to the people in your house. Every three to five years is the ideal time to clean your air ducts, but depending on who resides in your house regularly, you should check them out even sooner.

You may need to have your air ducts cleaned more frequently if you have a pet at home. This is due to the regular shedding of fur by dogs and cats, which over time, can clog air ducts and cause your filter to stop working.

To destroy bacteria and fungi and stop further biological growth, air duct cleaning service providers may advise you that they must apply chemical biocide to the interior of your ducts. The benefits and drawbacks of allowing the use of chemical biocides or sealants should be clearly understood.

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