Can I Convert My Current HVAC System To Mini Duct

Ways to Convert Current HVAC System To Mini Duct
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 3, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It’s only sometimes necessary to rebuild your current heating or cooling system when replacing it. Only some people prefer a ductless mini-split head, at least not in appearance. There are many advantages to ductless mini-splits.

Compared to ordinary heat pumps, these high-performance air-source heat pumps run well at significantly lower temperatures and do not experience the same energy losses caused by leaky ducts. A snug, well-insulated home may only require one or two wall-mounted heads to remain comfortable throughout the year.

The ability of ductless wall-mounted equipment to heat and cool a specific space makes mini-split technology most easily identifiable. Using this technology, homeowners can create zones within their houses by dividing them into floors or sections.

Things To Consider Before Converting HVAC System To Mini Duct

When it’s time to replace that equipment, most homeowners install another central system because most have ductwork-based central heating and cooling systems. Manufacturers advise considering ducted mini splits to boost energy efficiency while utilizing a home’s infrastructure.

Additionally, ducted mini-split systems could allay worries about duct leakage issues that might arise with forced-air systems, depending on the design. Over time, traditional ducts gather dirt and debris, including pollen and volatile chemical compounds.

Traditional ducts all have some degree of conditioned air leakage, which decreases energy efficiency and raises utility costs. Because evaporators in ducted mini-split systems are typically situated close to the distribution point, there is less air leakage and dirt accumulation in the ductwork of these systems.

Users of ducted mini-split systems can benefit from high-efficiency inverter technology in addition to utilizing their current ductwork.

Install Mini Duct System In Floors Or Ceilings

There are instances when multi-port flanges are installed on ducted mini-split systems, which enable two or more distribution points and are intended to be installed close to air distribution points. Ducted mini-splits have flaws, just like any other system.

Supplemental heating may be needed in harsh regions, although many manufacturers point out that their ducted mini-split systems can provide significant heating capacity even in these conditions.

Understandably, manufacturers are upbeat about the future of ducted mini-split systems, given the flexibility, energy economy, and comfort they can provide homeowners.

Install A Multi-Purpose Ducted System

The original ductwork is utilized when installing a multi-position ducted system to replace your current central air conditioning system, reducing installation expenses. The motor’s hushed functioning won’t reveal its hiding place, regardless of where you place the air handler.

Through the use of the wireless adapter, the system can be managed from a smartphone app.

Calculate Needed Units Before Installing Mini Duct

Because ducted mini splits may connect to up to eight indoor units, and each indoor unit can service numerous rooms, contractors can provide homeowners with much value for their money. By performing load calculations, contractors can determine how many units to employ.

A single unit may supply numerous rooms, which is desired in some circumstances. Users can maximize efficiency and lower installation costs by combining numerous rooms with a ducted mini-split unit to create greater comfort zones, as requested.

Contractors must perform a Manual J room-by-room load estimate to establish the number of indoor units needed to condition the space properly and ensure correct installation.

Hire Professionals To Install Mini Duct System

There are various solutions available, and every circumstance is different; a highly customized solution can be necessary depending on each property’s particular architecture and insulation and the notion of comfort held by each occupant. Consulting an expert is the finest way to identify the ideal system for your residence.


The optimal system for your home’s size and layout will be selected after a contractor evaluates your floor plan.

They know that the necessities for controlling the temperature vary greatly between large and small houses and that these differences influence your decision to purchase a single- or multi-zone device.

A thorough understanding of system alternatives is necessary to find the ideal fit and provide a reliable cost estimate. The best course of action is, therefore, always to hire professionals.

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