Can I Convert My Shed Into A Granny Flat

Can I Convert My Shed Into A Granny Flat
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Would you adore installing a brand-new bathtub or bathroom sink? After that, discover your sewer line quickly by gathering your basic tools and performing the steps.

We’re all about coming up with cost-effective solutions, whether you’re constructing a new house, remodeling, or in this case, trying to make the most of your living space on a tight budget.

With a little ingenuity and our assistance, you can quickly turn a shed into a granny flat, providing the ideal solution for your lodging needs. The first thing you need to do is buy a shed. Numerous Perth providers offer a large selection of shelters built of various materials, including steel and wood.

We advise choosing one made of steel or aluminum instead of wooden sheds because they are more durable and require less upkeep. It’s also a good time to build internal partitions or walls if you want to.

Things To Consider Before Converting A Shed Into A Granny Flat

One must adhere to the local building codes. Make sure you abide by the laws set forth by the local authorities. Please avoid that circumstance, as it will probably result in fines or require significant financial outlay to remedy.

The possibility of filing an insurance claim is the second problem you’ll have if you don’t execute things correctly and if you don’t have the appropriate approvals in place.

It’s possible that the insurer won’t be able to pay you out if you file an insurance claim or if there is a property loss due to fire or an accident, as they do not provide coverage for what they refer to as illegality.

And if you don’t have the proper consent, that is essentially what it is. This does not imply that a shed converted into a granny apartment cannot be approved by the council.

Steps To Convert A Shed Into A Granny Flat

Install Doors

Installing doors and windows will be one of your first tasks. Allowing ventilation and natural light into the shed will create a more comfortable living place. It’s also important to ensure enough ventilation fans are installed if you add a kitchen or bathroom.

Insulate Walls

The next step is to insulate the walls and ceiling after installing your windows and doors. Thanks to this, your granny flat will be more comfortable to live in all year round, which will help keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. At your neighborhood hardware store, you may purchase insulation panels.

Plasterboard installation on the walls should be done after the insulation has been completed. Naturally, you could leave the walls made of steel or aluminum, but that would make the insulation apparent, and you want to build a warm, inviting granny apartment rather than a shed that has been thrown together to look like one.

The ideal finish for your granny apartment can be achieved using plasterboard, which is simple to install and allows you to paint the walls.

Install Flooring

Laying down sheet vinyl flooring is the next stage. Granny flats are a great place for this type of flooring because it’s waterproof, easy to maintain, and both. Most home improvement retailers carry sheet vinyl flooring; alternatively, vinyl flooring installation may give your home a cozier appearance and feel.

Vinyl flooring is an excellent option if you want a floor covering that resembles wood but is softer underfoot. Every time you step on it, it feels cozy and welcoming.

Install Bathroom Plumbing

Being mindful of space is important when designing a bathroom for a granny’s apartment. Designing the bathroom to make the most of the available space is crucial.

Installing a shower rather than a bath is one approach to accomplish this. Because of this, you won’t have to give up much space to add a bigger vanity and toilet to the granny flat.

Install Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is last but surely not least. As one of the most crucial spaces in any house, you should ensure it is well-planned and furnished with all the necessities. Choose smaller equipment for your granny apartment kitchen that will still function well without too much room.

Bottom Line

It is simple to turn a shed into a granny flat by following these simple procedures. So why do you still wait? Immediately begin working on your project! Please allow us to assist you if you are truly serious about a project, if you have one in mind, or if you may have done something incorrectly and want to have it cleared up.

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