Can You Build A Fire Pit On A Concrete Slab

Can You Build A Fire Pit On A Concrete Slab
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 11, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Adding a fire pit to your yard is a fantastic way to give your house more personality and atmosphere. But there are many things to think about first, like whether or not concrete is suitable for a fire pit. Yes, you can build a fire pit atop concrete, whether temporary or permanent.

However, the extreme heat will eventually cause damage to the concrete. For most homeowners, a fire pit has its own location where guests can rest and enjoy the flames away from the house.

If they want to create a new fire pit, many homeowners question if they can do it on concrete.

Things To Consider Before Placing A Fire Pit On A Concrete Slab

You must first decide if the fire pit will be a permanent fixture. You can use a metal fire pit elevated off the ground, but place it far from your house to prevent fire problems.

If you are constructing a fire pit out of stones or pavers, the pit will last forever, so installation should be done with more care. A safe alternative is to set up a fire pit on concrete. Any ash that remains after a fire can sometimes be removed more easily.

However, the flame’s heat can cause the concrete to start to spill and crack. As a result, you should set up the fire pit on concrete that you don’t mind getting scratched. The concrete would eventually need to be restored, which can be expensive.

Can Fire Damage Concrete?

Concrete is not damaged by fire as quickly as wood is. Concrete is fire-resistant enough to live unharmed in short-term exposure. However, the concrete base may eventually crack and spell if exposed to high temperatures over an extended period, such as those produced by a wood-burning fire pit.

Concrete cracks are typically difficult to fix since they will continue to be weak points in the foundation. It is advised to replace the concrete base instead, even though doing so will take more time and money.

Steps To Install A Fire Pit On A Concrete Slab

Mark The Location

Build fire pits on concrete slabs for the best results. As a result of their relative fire proofness, ashes and sticks that fall from your fire will not ignite, unlike if your fire pit were situated on grass. Concrete fire pits can be more appealing and durable than portable fire pits.

Any concrete surface can be used to create a fire pit, although it is ideal if you already have a concrete patio. So that you can surround the pit with seats, you should then pick a place that is rather central to your porch. Choose a location that is far from the edges.

Choose A Firepit

You’ll need a circular metal fire pit from a retailer to make a fire pit. This pit should have a grate or lid that fits over the top and is circular in diameter. Later on, this will be critical for measuring purposes. To secure it over the edge of the concrete blocks, the pit should have a wide lip.

You might buy your circular pit as an assembly kit and skip the process to save time. The fire pit bowl and lid can be used with a screwdriver without prying them free from the legs.

You can use the components you already have and save on buying a new one if you already have a round fire pit and want to upgrade it to a concrete fire pit. To ensure optimal lifespan, you might want a new pit if your current one is rusty or too old.

Use Cinder Blocks For Building A Firepit Yourself

To construct the rim of the fire pit, you will need concrete blocks or stones. The blocks shouldn’t necessarily be made of cement, but they should be made of a fireproof substance and have flat tops so you can stack them easily.

A cinder block costs very little. Concrete fire pits can be cost-effective because they last longer and are not too expensive initially. This can help you save money. If you can find a fairly priced pit to use as the main component, you might construct your concrete fire pit for less money overall.

Completely fireproof cinder blocks could last an eternity if they don’t collapse.

Place The Blocks

To build the base of your fire pit, you must first stack your concrete bricks. Place your fire pit cover on the ground where you want it by removing it from your kit or your current fire pit. To ensure that the lid is the proper size, use one that matches the wide-lipped bowl you are using.

Since you won’t be able to move the lid after this step, you should double-check to ensure it is exactly where you want it to be on your fire pit.

Place Fire Pit Bowl

Remove the bowl from the support of the fire pit you purchased at the store. Locate the edge where the leg meets the fire pit bowl by turning it over. Swivel the screwdriver to the left to remove the bowl to release the legs.

You don’t need to take the legs off the fire bowl part if you have a fire pit construction kit that you haven’t assembled.


The instructions above should result in a solid, dependable fire pit with a concrete base. With a fire pit with a strong foundation and long lifespan, you can save money while staying safe. This simple, beautiful fire pit may be made by anyone with concrete in their yard to enjoy any time of year.

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