How Does Chain Link Fence Post Puller Work

How Does Chain Link Fence Post Puller Work
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 13, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Your fencing pliers, a post hole digger, fence posts, and other necessary tools and materials are in your possession. But can you get a fence post out of there? Consider the following scenarios: A fence needs to be moved or removed; a post is installed incorrectly, or both.

Alternately, perhaps the old post rotted. You’ll require the post-Puller to take out either the post or the concrete plug it is seated in. You might need to pull a fence post or a plug when installing or dismantling a chain link fence or privacy wood fence.

Make sure to include this post puller in your collection of construction tools, whether you plan to use it for farm work, construction, or erecting fences.

Chain Link Fence Post Puller: Work Approach

Chain the post to the valve closed and start pumping. The manual ram pulls the hardest and most challenging post fast, often with the plug still attached. When the post is loose and close to the top of the hole, one can quickly and effectively lift the post and roll the plug to the appropriate spot by using the unit’s handle as a lever.

There isn’t any digging, prodding, or laborious lifting! With almost no responsibility, this device can accomplish the labor of three or four persons and make jobs go more smoothly. Anywhere in any yard is possible to roll it.

Post Puller can be used to remove posts embedded in concrete. One person must complete it. The posts are easily removed by simply wrapping the chain around them. With the post puller, they may be removed pretty easily.

It is designed to be carried by hand, allowing immediate entry onto the task site. It works incredibly nicely for little jobs. This is most likely not the kind of product you would want if you had a big, commercial job.

You should probably utilize the post puller for a bigger, commercial task involving much concrete. You may lengthen the arm of the Post Puller to provide a bit extra leverage when popping those posts out.

Additionally, the chain has links that connect to the post puller so that it can be pulled out more slowly or quickly, depending on the position, with one position having more torque than the other.

Concrete is rather easily removed using the Puller. One man encircles it with a chain, and with the force of gravity working in his favor, it immediately pops free.

How To Remove Chain Link Fence Posts Manually?

Remove Plants And Trees

Remove or dig out any vegetation or plants close to the fence first. This must be done before working on the fence, particularly if it is covered in vines. To trim the grass next to the fence, use a trimmer. Remove weeds from the vicinity.

By doing this, taking down the fence is made simpler. Once it has been taken down, you will need room on one side of the fence to spread it out before rolling it up for disposal.

Remove Clamps

One end of each corner or end post should have the clamps removed at a time. Typically, brackets fastened with nuts and bolts hold the fence to the fence post. Remove the bracket by loosening the bolt. Take out any tension bars running vertically along the fencing’s edge by weaving them into the chain links, then set them aside.

Cut Metal Strapping

Cut the metal straps or wire fence ties holding the top rail of the chain link fence next. This is best accomplished with a small, precise wire or bolt cutter.

The bonds don’t have to be entirely untied. The wire ties can easily be bent in reverse. Wearing work gloves is strongly advised when removing the fence since cutting the fence links will produce numerous sharp metal points.

You can have a cap secured to the top rail at the corner or end. The nut and bolt keeping this cap and rail in place can be removed. The rail can be wrenched apart after the cover is removed. It will be necessary to cut some fences into manageable pieces because they have welded railing.

To divide a lengthy railing into manageable pieces, use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw equipped with a metal-cutting blade.

Remove Fence Posts One By One

After removing all the chain link fencing and the top railing, you will only be left with the fence posts. These are frequently set in concrete and might be challenging to remove. Soak the area around the concrete to help the dirt become more pliable and facilitate digging before removing the posts.

A spade shovel can dig beneath the concrete while encircling it. Digging around the post will help loosen it if the concrete footing is tiny. Especially if you have assistance from another person, you might be able to pull the post out of the concrete if it is not too deep.


Your home can appear better immediately by removing an outdated or ugly chain link fence. Mark those spots if you decide to cut the fence posts below grade and cover them. Thus, you will know their locations when putting up a new fence.

If you’re putting in a new fence, now would be a good time to clean up the landscaping and remove any plants or trees that would make it difficult to put in the fence. You’ll be able to build the ideal fence for your property using a blank canvas.

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