Choosing the Right ERP to Help Construction Businesses

Enterprise resource planning solutions help construction companies track each project, their expenses, and their workforce. Organizations assess the ERP solutions based on all daily tasks and how they operate their business. Reviewing the features and how they improve the company helps the owner find the best solution. The following are features of ERP that construction companies need for everyday operations.

Estimate and Bid Management

Construction companies need features that help them manage estimates and bids for new projects. Company owners must track all estimates presented to clients and any bids they’ve submitted for construction projects, and the owners know what upcoming projects they have and how much they could earn from these projects.

They can update the information and track projects to avoid bidding on too many construction projects at once and not having the workforce to complete the work. Speak to a vendor about ERP solutions to help construction businesses.

Accounting and Job Costing

All construction companies need accounting software to manage their incoming payments from clients. ERP solutions offer accounting features that are easy to use and store all financial data for the company, and the accounting department has report features.

Business owners can get financial reports daily, weekly, or monthly. The ERP reporting features are beneficial for construction companies and give them fast financial statements for lenders when they need to borrow capital for upcoming projects or other needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management features help the construction company collect data about customers and give their staff immediate access to customer files when the clients call in with questions.

The automated CRM improves the company’s relationships with its clients and offers opportunities to show some appreciation to customers who hire the construction company for projects. Improved relationships with customers will give the company opportunities to obtain referrals to new clients and maximize their earnings.

Human Resources Features

Human resources departments manage workers throughout the organization. HR managers enter worker data into the system and set up files for payroll based on tax filings. These managers inform workers about available healthcare benefits, dental insurance, and other benefits.

ERP helps the managers track details about workers, such as when they’ve completed their probationary period and when workers have accumulated vacation or sick pay. ERP streamlines these processes and alerts the managers about worker updates, and the managers don’t have to complete these searches

Billing and Payroll Management

Enterprise resource planning software offers billing and payroll management features. Business owners consider what features improve payroll and ensure accuracy and faster paycheck creation for workers. They can track all invoices for clients and calculate incoming payments for current projects.

Financial data helps the business owner create budgets for each project and track any outstanding balances that are stalling projects. Automated processes like email invoicing services are available through ERP solutions and eliminate these routine tasks for workers.

Enterprise resource planning integrations are ideal for construction businesses, and the software streamlines automated processes. Construction companies must track the progress of all projects and related developments daily.

The project managers and supervisors must monitor each phase of the projects and enter updates for the owner. They need to know how many hours employees have worked each week and balance labor expenses. Find out more about ERP for construction companies through a vendor.

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