Common Issues of Ducted Air Conditioners

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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: June 14, 2023
  • Updated On: June 14, 2023

There are some issues that are common to all types of air conditioning and there are also some issues that are specific to a ducted climate control system. It is always the best approach to have professionals come to handle your maintenance and repairs in order to make sure everything is done properly. Here are some of the more common issues owners face when having ducted air conditioners.

Problems with insulation

There can be a problem with the distance that is between the compressor and the grilles when it comes to ducted air conditioning.

It might not seem like much but it means more time for the cooling to be lost as the air travels. In the summer when it is very warm there is a lot of heat trapped in the ceiling space that you do not need because of the ducted air conditioning.

But that heat warms up the ducts near by and affects the cooled air traveling around the home making the system less efficient. It takes longer to cool your property and you might pay more in energy bills than you need to as you try to combat the problem.

Having ductwork that is damaged

The ducts are an essential part of this system so when they are damaged that can cause big problems. Depending on the system you buy depends on the material the ducts are made from, some are rubber or bendable plastic, and some are metal.

The more flexible options are less durable and over time tears can develop, joins can separate, and punctures may develop. This means the cool air escapes and it impacts the effectiveness of the system. Sometimes it is possible for a professional to patch the issue, sometimes the ducts might need replacing.

Filters and ducts that are clogged and dirty

This is an issue all air conditioning systems face. When dirt, dust and debris get into the system they can cause issues like blocked filters and such.

The filters need to be cleaned and that is harder with a ducted air conditioning unit as they are difficult to reach. That is why it requires an experienced team to handle the servicing and repairs. They can clean anything that needs it in your ducted climate control system or recommend replacements if that is the best option.

Zoning gates that are not working

Zone gates with a ducted air conditioning system are how you are able to control the cooling of separate rooms in your home. If the gates are not working that cool air will be sent to other areas of the property that you might not want to be cooled.

The zones you wanted cooler are not going to be the comfortable temperature you want them to be either. It is important to get the zoning gates examined and repaired as soon as you can and that means having a professional go in and check things like faulty wiring, replacing gates that are broken, cleaning out clogs and fixing actuators.

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