Construction Security: 6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Site Safe

construction site safety
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: April 17, 2023
  • Updated On: April 17, 2023

Are you building or project managing a new build of a residential, commercial or industrial building? There’s so much to manage, so many plates to spin.

Builds can sometimes take months or even over a year, with many different trades required to finish a job. If you’re waiting for the job to finish so you can move in or move on to the next project, you’re probably a little stressed out.

Whatever the case, are you sure that the construction site is safe from harm? A building site is often a ripe target for nefarious sorts, as it is filled with valuable items such as tools, copper and other building supplies. You need to ensure that you keep your site safe.

This helpful article will share all about construction security. You’ll learn six practical ways to keep your building site safe. Read on to discover more.

Hire A Security Guard

Did you know you can hire a specialist construction security guard? This professional security guard is specially trained to watch over construction sites. They can patrol the site overnight or on days when it is unattended, such as weekends and holidays.

Having a security guard present is a strong deterrent against thieves. If they come to case the site, they will realise it’s guarded and move on to a softer target. If they are brazen and go ahead, the security guard can attempt to apprehend them and call the police to escalate a response.

Install Razor Wire on the Fencing

All construction sites have temporary fencing; it’s part of the project. However, unless the fence is relatively high, it is no deterrent to would-be robbers.

They’ll simply jump the fence when the site is unattended and plunder copper, tools and other supplies from the site. One effective security measure is installing razor or barbed wire on top of the fence. This is a stronger deterrent than the fence on its own. Thieves might approach the site, see the barbed/razor wire and head away for an easier, softer target.

Install CCTV

This security measure is more suited for larger commercial and industrial builds. It may be overkill for a house build, but this will depend on the homeowner and the budget.

A Closed Circuit Television system, or CCTV, is an effective security measure. A CCTV system comprises cameras that record where they point and a central hub or drive that stores the recording. CCTV is a highly effective security measure for two reasons.

The first reason is that it acts as a deterrent, with the nefarious robbers seeing a CCTV system and heading away for a target that isn’t as well-monitored.

The other reason is that if the thieves are dumb enough to attempt still to rob a site with CCTV monitoring, there will be footage of them entering the site and perhaps their vehicle. This footage can be used as evidence by the police if they happen to catch and prosecute the offenders.

Install Sensor Lighting

Robbers love the cover of darkness. They’re shady people, and their illegal activity requires darkness to rob a construction site effectively. One highly effective security measure is to install sensor lighting around the perimeter of your construction site.

This way, when anyone approaches at night, the bright lights will illuminate them. The sudden flash of bright light may be enough to spook a would-be thief away from your construction site.

Reduce Access Points

Access points are doors, openings or other ways to access your site. The more you have, the higher the risk factor. While you need access points to allow people and vehicles into and out of your construction site, ideally, there should be only one access point, maybe two at a maximum. You need to ensure your site is difficult to enter when no one is present.

Take Measures Against Internal Loss

Unfortunately, sometimes workers contracted to work on a construction site can be responsible for loss through theft of items. The builder must take some preventative measures against this.

They can do things such as frequent stock-taking of tools and materials to ensure everything is accounted for, engraving on tools, and GPS tracking on expensive items.

Furthermore, they can install signage to discourage theft. Some signs might say that all tools and materials are accounted for and that any theft will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. This may be enough to deter employees from stealing from the company.

A Security Summary

This helpful article has covered everything you need to know about construction site security. You’ve learned six practical ways to keep your site safe. Whether you’re a would-be homeowner building your dream home or a project manager of a commercial or industrial build, you should follow these tips to ensure the protection of your site.

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