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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: May 8, 2023
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Home renovation is one task that you want to do desperately but also cannot find time (or sometimes budget) for. It is wiser in this case, to get the services of a contractor. They will oversee the construction and renovations in your place and get the job done on time. However, hiring a good contractor might take longer than your expectations. But with this guide, you can find the right home and office renovation contractors!

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What to Do Before Hiring a Contractor

Figure out what exactly you need. Whether you want renovations or structural changes in the layout of your house or you are looking for reconstruction from the ground up.

Renovation projects can be DIY-ed. But if you are looking at structural changes, let’s say you want to expand the size of your living room or you want more space in the kitchen; this all comes under remodeling. And for this, you definitely need a contractor.

So, here are a few things to consider before hiring a contractor:

  • Select the portion of your house or office that required renovation
  • Create a budget for renovation
  • Hire a professional contractor if the project is extensive
  • Or you can make it a DIY project (in case of simple changes)

How to Get a Home and Office Renovation Contractor

Firstly you need to know what kind of contractor you need for your project. Would a general contractor do your job better or a specialized contractor would be the right choice?

A general contractor can take on remodeling, renovations, and even construction from the get-go. They have licenses and permits from the regulatory authorities. And they know their job. Compared to working on your renovations on your own, it is better to hire a general contractor.

3 Notable Factors to Consider When Looking for a Contractor

  1. Lists of the services provided by the contractors
  2. Reviews
  3. Licenses and permits to do the tasks

When all of this is set, then you can start calling the contractors and set up meetings with 2 or 3 which seem professional to you; to get bids for your project.

It is very important to set up a proper budget for your project beforehand. Do make sure to keep a cushion in your budget, because in renovations and constructions, there is a high chance of getting unforeseen expenses.

What to Ask the Contractors

You can ask about the following with your contractor,

  • To show if they have worked on a similar project before?
  • Timeline of the project – when will it start and finish?
  • Materials and costs of materials?
  • The difficulties that may arise during the job (so you can be mentally and financially prepared)?
  • The permits and licenses for doing renovations and remodeling?
  • Warranties and insurance for the services that they are providing?
  • How will the payment take place?
  • Who is going to work on the site – will it be a dedicated team of professionals?


Although the contractors listed in the are authentic and responsible despite being in good faith, sometimes a disagreement can end up in a dispute. So in that case, it is recommended that you keep all the receipts and the documents in one place. Also, keep a journal of the meetings and work progress with pictures.

When you hire a contractor to do the job, make sure to check what is going on at every stage. But try not to be too nosy about it, have faith in them.

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