5 Creative Ways to Use Shark Corten Edging for Garden Landscaping

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 28, 2023
  • Updated On: September 29, 2023

Garden edging is the easiest and fastest way to create a visible border between areas within a garden. Corten steel adds character, depth and colour, which is why Corten steel edging is the perfect material for garden edging.

Using Corten steel edging in garden landscaping is a great way to add a fresh look to a garden without the constant weeding and trimming edging usually requires.

What is Corten Edging?

Corten steel, also known as weathered steel, offers a rustic look with added durability. 

Corten steel’s exceptional weather resistance comes from its alloy composition. By adding chromium, nickel, and copper to the steel, this material naturally forms a protective outer layer as it ages, characterised by its rust-coloured coating.

That distinct coppery hue might look rusty, but the colour is actually created by an oxidation process that protects the steel core from further corrosion.

It’s an incredibly popular material and you’ll see Corten steel in gardens across the country as well as in sculpture, architecture and elsewhere.

Thanks to the unique copper colour, Corten steel edging makes for a wonderful, eye-catching feature in a garden.

How is Corten Steel made?

Corten steel starts as standard steel before we add a mixture containing chromium, nickel and copper using a specialist process. This creates an alloy metal that is stronger, harder and more weatherproof than other traditional metals.

Over time, this composition develops a protective outer layer on the metal (the rust-coloured coating) which protects the strong steel alloy underneath while giving its iconic aged appearance.

Benefits of Shark Corten Edging

Corten steel has many benefits, which is why you see it so often on garden edging products. 

Shark Corten Edging, though, has another advantage. It features triangular shark teeth which makes installation incredibly easy and fuss-free. 

Just line up the edging into the position you want, then press it firmly into the ground. The teeth will sink into the soil and secure the edging in place, so you can create a neat border in minutes. It’s as simple as that!  

Benefits of Shark Corten Edging include:

Easy to use – The triangular shark tooth pattern is a huge hit with gardeners and landscapers because it’s so easy to use. Simply push the edging into the ground to install.

Long lasting – The alloy composition of Corten steel protects it from the elements and ensures enhanced durability, unlike other traditional metal edging products. 

Simple to install – Shark Corten Edging is designed to be pressed firmly into the ground. The teeth easily sink into the soil and firmly hold the edging in place.

Low maintenance – Once installed, Corten edging needs very little maintenance. Keep it clean, remove autumn debris and it will continue looking great for years and years.

Weather resistant – Shark Corten Edging is resistant to rain, wind, direct sunlight, frost, snow and everything nature throws its way. 

Available in a variety of dimensions – Corten steel edging can be produced in a wide range of heights and lengths to suit your requirements. 

5 ways to use Shark Corten Edging in your garden

Now you know what Shark Corten Edging is and how it works, let’s take a quick look at what you can do with it…

Lawn edging

The classic use for Shark Corten Edging is to edge a lawn. It’s an excellent long-lasting and eye-catching alternative to using a lawn edging tool, log rolls or plastic edging to create borders in your garden. 

Garden terracing

Garden terracing can be tricky. We often use sleepers, gabions or a brick wall for larger terraces but none work quite so well on shallow ones. Corten edging could do the trick.

Cut your terracing and use Shark Corten Edging for nice clean lines.

Raised beds

Shark Corten Edging can also be useful for outlining raised beds. While sleepers or timber frames work well, they will degrade over time and, have you seen the price of timber lately?

Corten steel is strong and durable that’s ideal for a raised bed and will last years without any degradation.

Pathway edging

Cutting a path through a lawn or across your garden? Want something that looks nicer than green plastic? Corten steel edging is just the thing.

The copper hue of Corten steel contrasts nicely with the green lawn. Plus, it’s easy to install and provides a permanent boundary that will last for years to come.

Patio or driveway edging

Looking for a clear division between the patio and garden or driveway and front lawn? Shark Corten Edging is ideal!

It’s practical, durable, weatherproof and fits perfectly into an outdoor setting. The versatile spiked edging will also make a great feature to your landscaping projects.

Shark Corten Edging for garden landscaping

If you’re searching for an effective, sustainable way to edge a lawn or divide areas of your garden, Shark Corten Edging is what you need.

It offers a modern industrial aesthetic that develops an incredible rust look over time, usually within 8-10 months.

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