7 Cool DIY Fun Projects With a Storage Shed

Storage Shed
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: June 6, 2023
  • Updated On: June 6, 2023

The most obvious use of a storage shed is to store your yard and garden equipment. However, you can also turn a storage shed into a fun project. If you own a beautiful home with a storage shed, it’s alright to be creative about it. There are tons of DIY fun projects with a storage shed that you can try. Here are a few of our favorite DIY projects using a storage shed.

Guest House

Turning a storage shed into a guest house allows you to invite your in-laws over without crowding the house. Depending on your city and state’s local laws and regulations, you might even be able to turn a storage shed into a vacation rental. Small house living is trending, and people love the idea of vacationing with a smaller footprint.

Turn a traditional storage shed into a compact studio apartment with electricity and running water. Paint the walls a fun color and add a few decorations for a cozy guest house in your backyard. You can even get creative with your designs, such as a cork floor.

Remote Office

A storage shed can also be used as a remote office. Whether you don’t have any extra rooms in the home or your family is simply too loud for you to be productive, you can easily find the peace and quiet you need with a remote office.

You won’t need much to turn a storage shed into an office, especially without a bathroom. Add a desk, a comfortable chair, and a few storage shelves. Run some electrical and add a few light bulbs or floor lamps. Then, decorate based on your preferences. You’ll love the quiet of the remote office when taking work meetings. You’ll also find a wide range of sizes of storage sheds for sale, making it easy to accommodate different office needs.

Craft or Hobby Room

Turn a storage shed into a craft or hobby room. This gives you a place to enjoy your hobby and store all your equipment and materials.

Furnish the shed with a large table or desk and place a few storage organization carts for your supplies. If your crafting or hobby is a business, you can even keep shipping supplies in the shed. A storage shed also makes for the perfect photography spot for your craft or product listings.


Dedicate your storage shed to growing your own fruits and vegetables by making it a greenhouse. You can replace the shed’s windows with clear acrylic sheets to let more light in. You can also change out the wooden or metal roof for a skylight or add an addition to the side of a storage shed to increase the sunlight.

Install ample shelves and potting benches so you have plenty of room for your plants. A good ventilation system can also be useful. With a greenhouse, you’ll have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for your family.

Children’s Playroom

Give your child a life-size playhouse using a storage shed. Involve them in the decorating and furnishing, allowing their imagination to go wild. Create multiple play stations based on your children’s interests and hobbies. Use a wide variety of fun colors. You can stock the storage shed with books, games, and toys.

Even as your child gets older, they’ll love the dedicated space that gives them a place to play. It’ll also make it easier to keep an eye on your teens as the storage shed is sure to become a favorite hangout spot.

Library or Writing Room

Book enthusiasts will love having their own library and reading/writing space right in their backyards. Turn your storage shed into a cozy place with comfortable seating and ample lighting. Add built-in bookshelves to each wall and stock them with your favorite books or books on your to-be-read list. A storage shed converted into a quiet retreat can also make for an excellent writing room.

A backyard library or writing room is also the perfect way to encourage children or teens to spend more time reading or writing. This also gives them a great place to go for homework. A quiet storage shed away from the busyness of the house can be the perfect place for studying for an upcoming test or preparing for an important work meeting.

Backyard Shower

A backyard shower may be useful if you live near the beach or have a pool. Install plumbing to your backyard shed to turn it into an outdoor shower. Not only will this help keep the interior of your home cleaner and sand-free, but it can also be a great selling point when you’re ready to sell your home. A backyard shower also gives guests a convenient place to change into their swimsuits.

A storage shed offers endless DIY projects to enhance your backyard. Planning and renovating your storage shed can also be fun in itself, and the outcome is sure to become one of your family’s favorite retreats.

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