DIY Gutter Cleaning: An Easy Guide to Get the Job Done Efficiently

An Easy Guide to Get the Job Done Efficiently
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 10, 2023
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you want to know how to clean gutters yourself? If you are thinking about this, then it means you are worried for the home’s curb appeal. Funny how not upkeep or maintaining the gutters can turn things into disdain due to dtropping and clogging. 

When building right gutter system, understand that it needs cleaning. So when water starts spilling over, or when debris gets stuck inside, it’s high time to take the matter into your own hands for a  DIY gutter cleaning job.   

Don’t worry, you can still work on your gutter cleaning with the following step-by-step methods and tips.

Reasons for Roof and Gutter Cleaning

A big yes to DIY or professional gutter cleaning! Gutters collect rainwater from the roofline and channeling the downspouts through the ladders. The basic purposes of gutters are to channel the water away from your home foundations or basements.

If you are not cleaning your gutters on time, debris especially leaves and twigs, will trap inside the gutters and stop the water from channeling into ladders and downspouts.  So, some of the important reasons for gutter cleaning are the following.

Reasons for Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Prevents Damage

Experts recommend to clean gutters on roof at least twice a year. This practice is important to prevent any damage from rainwater, or stuck debris. Maintenance is required internally and externally as well since excess water can still be inside. It can slid through the cracks and crevices. Hence the reason sometimes you find ugly stains on the walls and ceilings. 

Reduce Crack Risks

Gutter cleaning utterly impacts the foundation of a home. Consider it as the guard dog against the pooling water in the pipes. It can cause erosion over time if not cleaned properly. Sometimes it can cause leakage due to the cracks. Such problems are really pricey and something you should avoid. 

Keep Off Pests 

Who wants to attract rodents to their landscaped exterior right? Pests will make their way into the gutter drainage system without any prior notice with stagnant water. Or even if the gutters needs cleaning. Not to forget, it can lead towards number of infestations. 

No Fascia Damage 

Its a developed fact that the more water is clogged for a longer time period, the clogged gutters will depreciate quickly. The weight of the water or the debris will weigh heavily over short amount of time. Because of the increase than the usual weight gutter pipes can break away from house fascia that will cause damage to the roodfing system. 

7 Easy DIY Gutter Cleaning Steps

There are some easy steps for you to follow when cleaning gutter all by yourself. 

1. Use a Ladder to Access Roof Gutters

A high-end and extendable ladder would be best if you don’t have a proper way or stairs to access your roofline. Don’t forget to place the ladder on a smooth and sturdy surface. If you don’t have a smooth surface to place a ladder, use a ladder stabilizer to avoid any inconvenience during gutter cleaning.

It would be great to have a partner or friend with your while working on gutter cleaning. So you can get the job done efficiently or without wasting too much time and effort.

2. Use Safety Gears

Even if it is a DIY cleaning process, you must dress appropriately to save yourself from injuries and direct interaction with debris. Wearing a full-sleeved shirt, rubber gloves, and a face mask would be best. These all-safety gears or equipment are necessary because cleaning the gutter is messy.

3. Remove All Junk from Gutters

You can use a scoop to remove all junk, such as leaves, twigs, and other debris. You can get a plastic scoop to clean gutters from any hardware store. Use a plastic spatula or shovel if you don’t have a plastic scoop.

Indeed, cleaning with a shovel is the easiest way to clean gutters.

4. Use a Plastic Sheet to Collect All Junk

Even if your gutters are not full of junk and trash, you must cover the ground surface with a plastic tarp. You can keep your lawn or landscape debris-free during gutter cleaning.

5. Use a Garden Hose to Wash Off Gutters

After removing all debris and junk from the gutters, it’s time to clean or wash them with water. For this, you can use a garden hose. A garden hose will help to flush out all the remaining debris from your gutters into downspouts.

Most experts also recommend power washing for appropriate gutter cleaning. But it’s okay to simply wash the gutters with a garden hose if you don’t have power washing equipment.

6. Cleaning Gutters with a Power Washer

Are you going to clean your gutters yourself after years? If yes, washing with a normal garden hose might not clear all debris and build-up. At this point, you have to use a power-cleaning method. 

Undoubtedly, it is best to perform this gutter cleaning method with the help of professionals. You can also pressure wash gutters if you don’t have enough time and budget. Keep in mind that power washer cleaning of gutters is a messy task because of the fine-spray nozzle. 

In the case of pressure washing gutters, you may also need to clean your roofline or siding. But the results will be worth all your efforts. 

7. Repair Gutters Leaks

If you have witnessed or suspected any gutter leaks during cleaning, repair leaking gutters by using a gutter hanger. For sure, gutter repairing is a DIY job. But if the damages and leakages are severe, you may need to hire professional gutter repairers.

Once you have done with gutter leakage repair, your DIY gutter cleaning process is also done. See! Gutter cleaning is manageable and convenient if you perform it appropriately. After following these steps, you know the best way to clean gutters.

4 Tips for Gutter Cleaning

4 Tips for Gutter Cleaning 

Even after installing a durable and well-maintained gutter system, it can only retain its beauty and worth with proper cleaning and maintenance. You must follow professional cleaning practices to increase the gutter’s life span.

Let’s discuss a few best cleaning and maintenance tips for your gutters;

1. Remove Debris from Gutters

When we talk about DIY cleaning of gutters, it involves the removal of debris, such as leaves and twigs, from the gutters. Ensure to clean this debris after or before every heavy rainfall session. If you are not doing so, it might lead to gutters system failure, blockage, and collapse in severe conditions.

2. Scheduled Inspections of Gutters

We all know that prevention is always better than cure. Similarly, you must focus on the time-to-time inspection of your gutters. Even if gutters are well-maintained or newly installed, you still need to inspect them to measure cleaning and repairing needs timely.

If you cannot inspect any issue in your gutter system, you can hire a professional inspection team to get a better examination. Timely inspection is essential to save yourself from a high cost or huge damage because gutters replacement costs are higher than gutter repair costs. So, make a decision wisely.

3. Install Gutters Guards

If homeowners don’t have proper gutter cleaning and maintenance time, installing gutter guards is the best solution. Gutter guards will prevent debris such as twigs, branches, and leaves from entering the gutters.

So, adding the gutters guards is the best solution to improve the overall performance of gutters. On the other hand, it will also increase the life span of your gutters and downspouts systems.

4. Climb at Safe Distance 

Sure, you are all hyped up to clean the roof foundation safe. But its more important to keep your back safe too. If yours is a two story home, you will be needing a sturdy 28 ft ladder. Although cleaning such gutters can be risky, so its best to let the professionals do their job. But if you are not a amateur DIYer, and want to do it all, be extra careful about your balance when using the right tools. 

Professional Assistance for Gutter Cleaning

Because of a busy schedule or any other issues, if you, as a homeowner, cannot clean, repair or maintain your gutters, it’s time to get a professional assistant! No doubt, professional gutter cleaning will cost you more than DIY cleaning. But professional gutter cleaning and repairing cost is still lower than new gutters installation costs.


  • How Often Do You Need to Clean Gutters?
    If you live in an area where the ratio of rainfall is more than average, it would be best to clean your gutters at least once or twice a year. However, you can also clean the gutter more than twice a year because of several factors, such as collaging, leakage, or heavy storms.
  • How to Clean Gutters from the Ground?
    Cleaning gutters from the ground is one of the easiest and safest. To do gutter cleaning from the ground, you must use a specifically designed gutter cleaning tool combined with a pressure washer. 
  • Is DIY Roof and Gutter Cleaning a Safe Option?
    Performing roof and gutter cleaning yourself is safe, especially with safety gear and precautions. If you still want to clean gutters and rooflines, it would be best to access the roof and gutters with a ladder rather than walk on the roof. 
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