Do Hvac Companies Change Duct Systems

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  • Posted On: November 6, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You’re probably getting quotes for a new HVAC system from nearby businesses if your existing one is getting on in years or doesn’t function. Every cent that homeowners invest in an effective HVAC system is money well spent. They are significant investments that produce excellent dividends over time.

Over the year, about half of homes’ energy costs are attributable to heating and cooling systems. As a result, it’s critical to guarantee that all equipment performs at its best. This includes the ductwork that distributes energy to each room in the house and the furnace or air conditioner.

If you are still determining the age of the ducting in your building, it might be time to find out. Your HVAC ductwork may be old and have a poor efficiency rating, which means that you could be paying for the inefficient construction via your monthly utility expenditures.

Repair Ducts Rather Than Replacing

Ducts can be fixed one at a time. To improve the air in one or two rooms, you can replace only some of your home’s ducts. Expanding the duct running to such rooms will make it possible to transport more air to those spaces.

Relocating the duct on the supply plenum to a location that is more conducive to airflow is another approach to increasing the air in a room—the plenum’s definitive conclusion.

This technique can be improved by adding manual dampers that can be adjusted to reduce the quantity of air flowing to one side of the house so that it can be directed elsewhere in your house. To get more air to one side of the house, you may fiddle with the ducts similarly to how you might close registers in your home.

High static pressure may result from this obstruction in the airflow. For the delivery system to operate effectively over time, aerodynamics is crucial.

Can You Keep The Old Ducts With New HVAC System?

A new household HVAC unit’s purchase and installation can be pricey. The project typically feels some respite from cost reductions or rebate applications. Take away the old AC unit, both inside and outside, and install the new one when replacing your AC unit.

But there is a complete circulatory system called the ducts. The cooled air from your unit travels through the ducts to the various vents throughout the house.

Few people discuss the ductwork installed alongside your air conditioning unit, even though everyone discusses it and when to replace it. The number of times your AC unit is changed before the ductwork is even examined depends on the age of your home.

Inspect Your HVAC Ducts Before Any Consideration

To your forced air system, your supply air ducts are connected. The forced air unit is located in the package unit on the roof or in the closet. The air from that unit is sent in a large container known as a supply plenum.

Several ducts that go to every room in your house are connected to the supply plenum. The attic’s attic floor or correctly fastened ductwork are both options. The duct’s vapor liner remains intact and hasn’t been melted or torn.

HVAC Inspection

Good to adequate insulation helps to keep the air’s temperature stable as it travels down the duct to the intended room. You can only ask a little more about your ducts. If the ducts are properly secured, they should be straight or have lengthy, sweeping curves that take them in the direction they need to go.

You also want to make sure that the vapor lining of your ducting is in good condition.

What Is The Best Time To Change Your HVAC Ducts?

Changing your AC unit simultaneously with your ductwork is the greatest option. Your AC unit can be retrofitted to your ductwork with ease by all contractors. But if you replace everything, the outdated ductwork won’t harm your new system.

Systems that are not compatible can perform very poorly. With updated duct work, your new AC unit can even be more efficient than your current system. Your heating and cooling costs would likely increase as a result.

It makes sense to have the ductwork evaluated simultaneously as having the HVAC system serviced. The HVAC system and ductwork work together as a team for maximum efficiency.


The HVAC system must be replaced if the boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner is over six or ten years old. The ductwork also conforms to this. When this occurs, the machinery needs repairs more frequently and earlier.

The performance of your system won’t be at its best. The connections, leaks, and holes in older ducting are frequently poor. It might be difficult for the filters on the HVAC system to keep up with the amount of dust and pollen.

Once within the HVAC system, the dust and pollen are forced into every room of the house, generating poor indoor air quality that could harm the system. A new HVAC system will last considerably longer, offer the homeowner cleaner indoor air quality if purchased, and ensure properly installed ductwork is used.

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