Do Pop Up Drains Freeze

Do Pop Up Drains Freeze
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you have a problem with the drainage system you currently have? You’re at the correct place, then. Your complaints regarding the issues with pop-up drain emitters will be addressed today. Homeowners battling with their intricate traditional drainage system have found pop-up drain emitters to be a lifesaving answer.

Even yet, they can be resolved with a little knowledge, even though they have their own issues. Pop-up emitters are comprised of weather-resistant, enduring materials. Because they are made of plastic, they are simple to install and won’t rust or corrode.

They have several uses and can stop pools from forming in basements and other places. Even though the pop-up drain emitter is practical, there are a few problems you should be aware of. What is the cause of your pop-up emitter’s malfunction? We will now address all of your questions.

Working Approach Of Pop Up Drain Emitter

You can add a wide variety of different accessories to your house to improve its overall functionality. A pop-up drain or emitter is one accessory meant to be moved in your yard. Therefore, a pop-up emitter works by redirecting roof runoff water by being linked to the drainage outflow.

Because of how the pop-up emitter stores water and keeps the water from accumulating in your yard and flooding it, it becomes handy in this situation. In essence, it captures the water that has been moved from your roof and holds it there.

Because they only open and pop up when water flows through them, pop-up emitters get their name from this property. This technique enables the pop-up emitters to drain and store water without removing the downspout detritus.

Common Problems With Pop-Up Drain’s Emitter

Freezing Water

Despite the system’s intended function of moving water away from the house, pop-up drains might freeze if left with standing water. For your yard to have sufficient drainage, the underground downspout extension must have the right pitch.

However, on warm winter days, freezing concerns surface. Water can become trapped and freeze as temperatures drop if the snow melts on your roof but the ground beneath the pipe is frozen.

In this scenario, the emitter will disperse the water if there is enough water to start the system.

Broken Lid

The emitters’ lids open when there is vigorous water flow. When the emitters are not in use, the covers remain closed. As a result, debris and animals cannot enter. Pop-up emitter lids typically crack due to being run over by a lawnmower.

Pop-up emitters do not permit any trash or vermin to enter their interior, unlike conventional emitters. However, if the gutter is not cleaned well or if the material is left, it may become clogged.

How To Fix Pop-Up Drain Issues?

Install Gutter Extension

Put in the gutter extension correctly. It’s crucial to install the drainage system with the correct pitch considering the tube length. As a result, the water can flow continuously rather than gather in high or low locations.

The gutter should have a heat cable installed. The heating cable keeps the tube warm enough by adjusting to the temperature of the surroundings. Thus, it aids in preventing the freezing of the water.

Shut Off The System In Winter

During the winter, unplug the system. If necessary, the outlet should be able to be detached from the drainage system. You can quickly remove the emitter, snap off the lid, and attach a new lid to remedy cracked lids. It only takes a few minutes to complete the full process, which is quite simple.

Use A Waterproof Tape For The Lid

If you want to be extra safe, you can also tape the lid shut with some waterproof tape. Gutter guards and a downspout screen can be added to the drainage system to prevent pop-up emitter clogs.

To prevent the water it holds from accumulating, the pop-up emitter moves the water from your downspout to a neighboring gutter after it has been drained.

Because a pop-up emitter uses the community’s gutter to reroute the water it drains, you must obtain authorization from your homeowner’s association before installing one.


Even though pop-up drains might be helpful, they frequently have problems that can be a hassle. Freezing is one of those problems, as you know, based on our conversation, when it’s a little too cold outside, like in the winter.

The installation of a heating system and adequate maintenance and cleaning can prevent all of your difficulties from occurring, even though these pipes can freeze. You must take action to stop the freezing of your pop-up drains because of this.

They do face some obstacles, however. The pop-up drain needs to be placed properly. They can sit above the ground when it becomes lower.

You can easily design your drainage system now that you are fully informed about the issues with pop-up drain emitters and how to solve them. Designing the ideal drainage system for your needs and surroundings should be your goal.

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