Does Installing Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty

Does Installing Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Your home’s roof is one of the most important purchases because it protects your home from the elements. You want your new roof to last as long as possible. On the other hand, installing solar panels necessitates piercing the cloth with several holes.

You’ll want to know how to protect your new roof and solar energy system because they’re big investments. Understanding how roofers affect your solar warranty and how solar affects your roof warranty is very beneficial.

In this article, you will learn how to save your roof and warranty from new investment by following a few tips and methods. Continue reading if you also want to know about the effects of solar panels installed on roof warranty:

Consult Your Regional Roof Installer Before Solar Panels Installation On Roof

Be wary of solar panel vendors who might drill holes in your roof without thinking about the ramifications. The roof warranty on the roof area where solar panels are placed may be voided in specific situations.

Consult with your original roofer and request that they coordinate with your solar roof contractor. The primary roofer can start the solar panel installation by removing shingles or tiles from your roof. Roofer’s original work, as well as the warranty, can be restored.

A Roof Warranty: An Overview

Your roof’s warranty will usually be divided into two sections. The installer’s warranty will cover the installation’s artistry. A guarantee from an installation might last anywhere from one to ten years.

The maker of the roofing product will also issue a materials guarantee. Materials warranties might last anywhere from one to five years, depending on the product. The guarantee of the installer covers roof failures caused by incorrect installation. The manufacturer will cover defects in the roofing product, but only if it is installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Solar Panel’s Installation Is Different For Each Type Of Roof

Roofs are classed by their material, shape, and size. When installing solar panels on your roof, it’s crucial to keep these factors in mind.

Also, before installing a solar system, consider the health of your current roof and its expected lifespan. This will help you choose whether you need to replace it or not. Keep in mind that solar panels have a 25-year lifespan.

Many other things matter while installing a solar panel on the roofs. Let’s discuss a few of that considerations in detail:

Roofing Material

Although there are several roofing materials, most are appropriate for solar panel installation without causing damage to your roof. Many roofs are constructed of slate tiles. As a result, the supports must be connected under the tile, and the roof deck must be drilled, making installation more complex and costing more.

Roof Pitch

Flat roofs are typically constructed with membrane roofs. The thermoplastic bitumen or synthetic rubber is used to construct the substance. Tilted ballasted systems are utilized for the installation of panels on flat rooftops.

They have the advantage of being less expensive and requiring no ceiling drilling. Mechanically mounted racking systems are another often-used solution.

Metal Roofs Are The Best For Solar Panel Installation

Many roofs are built of metal, the most compatible material for a photovoltaic installation. The panels may be assembled simply, cost-effectively, and safely because of the vertical seam.

The ceiling does not need to be drilled in a vertical seam case, and waterproofing work is not required, allowing for a speedier installation.

Above all, wood shake or slate roofing materials are not appropriate for solar panel installations since they are unstable and can cause fires, and installation on these materials is more complex.

What Is The Best Time For Solar Panel Installation On Roof?

Solar panels should not be installed on roofs with fewer than ten years left on them. Installing solar panels during a roof replacement is the most cost-effective option. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, installing solar panels shouldn’t violate your roof warranty if your contractor installs the tracking system.

Flashing and waterproofing are included in constructing a good racking system on pitched shingle roofs, ensuring that it will be watertight.

Ask your contractor if installing solar panels on an existing roof will void the warranty. Inquire about the conditions that must be met for the guarantee to remain valid. Your roofer will want to know how the solar panels will be waterproofed. They might also want to double-check that the roof can support the added weight of the panels.

How Does Solar Panels Installation Affect Rood Warranty?

A solar energy system should not violate your roof warranty in most situations if a qualified solar business installs the solar panels according to the manufacturer’s standards. Solar panels can help extend the life of your roof, at least the part underneath them.

The panels take the brunt of the heat and sometimes snow that batters your roof tiles or shingles throughout the year, protecting the roof below.

Solar installation typically necessitates drilling dozens of holes in your roof to attach the racking system and panels correctly. Do not become concerned. Indeed, it seems dangerous, but there will be no leaks if an experienced company does the installation.


It’s less probable that a roofing contractor may damage your solar energy system than it is for a solar contractor to damage your roof, but it does happen. Many solar installers will not allow any homeowner or other contractor to remove, repair, or otherwise interact with the solar equipment on your roof.

Your solar Workmanship Warranty will almost certainly become worthless if this happens.

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