Door extended strike plate – Exploring the benefits and functionality 

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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 24, 2023
  • Updated On: August 24, 2023

Doors are meant for your safety. When you lock the entrance door, you feel safe inside and even when going out, you get peace of mind that your assets are secured. In this blog, we will explore how door extended strike plates can enhance overall security of your house. It prevents intruders from making a forced entry into your private space. Among other things, we will explain the functionality and benefits of slutbleck.

What is a strike plate?

A quality door extended strike plate, attached to a doorpost or doorjamb, is made of heavy duty metal. It features a hole or multiple holes where the door bolt or bolts fit in. The doorpost refers to the vertical section of a doorframe that secures the door. As soon as you close the door shut, the bolt extends into the hole(s) to keep it tightly locked. The right strike plate strengthens your entrance door and prevents kick-ins. Having a strong deadbolt is equally important because both the strike plate and bolts work in harmony. 

Choose your strike plate wisely

There are different types of strike plates. Some offer little protection and a few provide no benefits at all. A low-tech, high-quality strike plate is an affordable investment to secure your entrance doors. Thin strike plates and plastic-made variants are bad investment as they provide no protection at all. Use three-inch screws to hold the strike plate tight as these are most effective against kickers. 

Why to replace an age-old strike plate?

Let’s assume you have installed strike plates on your doors. So, why to consider a upgrade? “I’m concerned about door security” – this should be a resounding answer. Kick-in burglaries usually take place due to poorly fitted or weak strike plates. It is an important aspect of a multi-layer door security system. At the same time, there is no use having a stylish strike plate and deadbolt if the door frames are weak. Call in an experienced technician to get your doors checked, particularly the main entrance. 

How strike plates function

Of all options, the deadbolt strike plate is the best one. It is usually the most ignored half of a door lock but that should not be the case. The fallkolv lås looks simple but does a wonderful job of protecting you and your loved ones.

It works as an anchor point to reinforce your door frame. If you have a high quality deadbolt lock attached to a strong door, it will foil any force that wants to barge into your living space. If such a worse thing happens, weakness of your door is likely to be blamed. 

Final Words

Your entrance door is most vulnerable to forced entry. Burglars break the entrance doors open to get in others’ houses.

Therefore, heavy duty strike plates need to be installed on the entrance door to enhance security. If you live in a house that has more than one entry point, secure them all with extended strike plates so that mischievous people do not get any opportunity to intrude into your living space. If it comes to safety, doors will be your first priority, especially the entrance door. 

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