A Style Guide To Choosing Door Handles For Your Commercial Property

Door Handles
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 9, 2023
  • Updated On: September 13, 2023

Door handles, those often-overlooked pieces of hardware, hold a subtle yet powerful role in shaping the character of a commercial space.

They are the silent greeters, the first tactile interaction a person has with a building. Whether ornate or minimalist, traditional or contemporary, door handles can speak volumes about the style and ethos of a place. In the world of commercial property design, every detail matters.

One such detail, often overlooked, is the humble door handle. While they may seem insignificant, door handles can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of your property.

Understanding the Importance of Door Handles

Door handles are more than just functional items; they’re an integral part of your property’s design. They’re one of the first things people touch when they enter your property, making them a key part of the first impression your property makes.

A well-chosen door handle can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and contribute to its overall design theory. They can add a touch of elegance, create a rustic charm, or contribute to a sleek, modern look, depending on your design vision.

Choosing the Right Style

When choosing door handles for your commercial property, consider the overall style of the building. Is it modern and sleek, or more traditional and classic? The door handles should complement this style. For a modern property, consider sleek, minimalist handles.

These could be simple lever handles or even push-pull handles with clean lines and a polished finish. For a more traditional property, ornate handles may be more appropriate. These could feature intricate designs, a vintage finish, or classic shapes that add a touch of historical charm.

Functionality and Durability

In a commercial property, door handles need to be durable and withstand heavy use. Look for high-quality materials known for their durability, such as stainless steel or brass.

These materials last longer and maintain their appearance over time, even with heavy use. The functionality of the handle is also important.

Consider the type of door and its use when choosing the handle. For example, a push-pull handle might be suitable for a heavy door, while a lever handle might be better for a door that needs to be easily accessible.


Accessibility is a crucial factor to consider when choosing door handles for a commercial property. Handles should be easy for all people, including those with disabilities.

Lever handles, for example, are generally easier to operate than knob handles and are often recommended for commercial properties. They require less grip strength and can be operated with a simple push, making them a more inclusive choice.


Choosing the right door handles for your commercial property is more than just picking out a design you like. It’s about considering the overall style of your property, the functionality and durability of the handles, and their accessibility.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose door handles that not only look good but also serve their purpose effectively.

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