Drywall Repair 101: How To Upgrade Your Ceiling After A Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Upgrade Ceiling After A Damage
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 15, 2021
  • Updated On: July 7, 2023

Many home buyers view popcorn ceilings as a sign that a house is outdated and poorly maintained. Other people consider the look visually unattractive as well.

Apart from these reasons, popcorn ceilings found in old homes may contain asbestos, which has been linked to several diseases. This is why they’re usually the first to be removed in home renovations, leaving a blank ceiling surface.

Usually, the drywall may experience some damage after a popcorn ceiling removal due to scraping. In case this happens, it’s important to fix the damage before you start designing the ceiling.

Repairing Your Drywall

Here are a few steps you can consider to ensure that your drywall is fixed and protected:

1. Apply Joint Compound To Damaged Surface

You can fill holes or scratches using a drywall compound. Using a putty knife, apply the compound evenly to keep the surface smooth. To know more about drywall, watching this video can help.

2. Smoothen The Surface Through Sanding

Before sanding, it’s important to check if the drywall compound applied is fully dried, which usually takes four hours. After that, you can start sanding the surface. This will help make the painting process easier later on.

3. Use A Joint Compound Spray

Applying the second coat of joint compound can be done manually using a trowel or a pump sprayer. However, before spraying the second layer of joint compound, it may be helpful to put some covering on the walls to keep them dry.

A uniformed worker applies putty to the drywall ceiling. Putty of joints of drywall sheets.

Upgrading Your Ceiling

Once your ceiling is cleared and the drywall repair is completed, the blank space can be transformed in a way that’d add aesthetic value to the house. Here are some creative ideas on how you can design your ceiling to brighten up your space:

1. Paint The Ceiling

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to liven up a corner. When it comes to your ceiling, the shade you’ll choose can affect how big the room will look.

If you paint a ceiling with light colors, it can make the room look much bigger than its actual size. On the other hand, if you like the room to have a cozy and intimate vibe, you can choose a darker shade for the ceiling to give contrast to the walls.

Before painting your ceiling, it may be helpful to apply a primer first to ensure that the surface will absorb the paint properly. You can also use a stain block primer to conceal stains on an old ceiling.

2. Use Wallpaper

Putting wallpaper on ceilings can give a room a modern, stylish look. You can do this by using bold prints and vibrant colors that’ll complement other elements in the space.

Wallpapers have the flexibility and variety that’s desirable when it comes to design, which makes them ideal for aesthetic upgrades. Also, many wallpapers options nowadays allow easy placement and removal.

3. Use Wood

Using wood to design your ceiling can add a rustic, minimalist, and modern charm to a room. There are a variety of wood design options as well such as beadboards, wooden planks, wood paneling, ceiling beams, and others.

Wood ceilings can elevate your room’s aesthetics, though they can make a space seem dark and enclosed at times. In this regard, you can brighten up the room by adding elements with light, neutral colors like white or cream. On the other hand, using warm colors like red, pink, and brown may give the room a cozier feel.

4. Use Ceiling Tiles

Using ceiling tiles is one ingenious way to give your ceiling an upgrade. Ceiling tiles are popular due to their aesthetic appeal that can potentially add value to a home. They’re also fairly economical and easy to install and replace. Aside from these, they’re well-suited for soundproofing and improving insulation.

5. Use Crown Molding

Crown moldings can add subtle elegance that gives an upscale vibe to a room. Adding this wooden trim to a plain ceiling adds dimension and boosts architectural interest to the space as well.

Choosing the kind of crown molding that’d work well in your home will depend on whether the architectural style and interior design are traditional or modern.

For instance, heavy and embellished moldings go well with houses that have traditional designs and elements. For modern-styled homes, understated and minimalistic molding with clean lines may work best.


Beautiful Ceiling After Drywall Repair

There are many colors, designs, and installations you can explore once your popcorn ceiling is cleared. As with any other part of the home, it’s essential to consider balance, harmony, and functionality when you decide to give your ceiling a modern touch.

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