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  • Author: Mahwish Habib
  • Posted On: October 12, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Green energy is the new black! So, are you asking why now is the right time to get solar panels? With everyone evaluating their carbon emission contributions and cheaper solar panels, it’s easy to see why. Moreover, you get more bang for your buck with a solar panel installation, making it a worthwhile investment.

Why More And More Homes Consider A Solar System Essential

To Save Money From Day One After Installation

Let’s face it: electricity is very costly right now. And analysts anticipate higher costs in the coming months. By dismissing solar panels Australia, you’ll keep paying high power bills and fattening your service provider’s pockets.

Yet, this is an investment you can channel into a system that will serve you for years. It’s simple – three $700 power bills pay for more than half the system.

Solar is also an attractive renewable choice since it lowers your bill from the first day. Better still, it pays for itself and gives returns for up to 30 years based on the system’s quality. With a 6.6kW system installation, you can harness about 9,300kWh of energy annually.

Typically, a kWh of power bought from the power company will cost you roughly $0.29. Say you utilise 70% of the power generated, which is 6,510kWh. It saves you a whopping $1,900 yearly, with the system paying for itself in less than two years.

Afterwards, you will continuously save money until its shelf life ends. When you add the numbers, you can save up to $20,000 or more after fifteen years. So, is solar worth it? Undoubtedly! Because minimising your power bill should be your top consideration.

Financial Choices Are More Accessible Than Ever

What if all you needed to own a solar panel system was worth your daily cup of tea or coffee without the hefty upfront cost?

The solar panel cost has significantly reduced since 2010, making solar a cost-effective choice among other renewable energy sources.

Moreover, you don’t have to make this payment upfront when you get your system from a reputable dealer. Various financial options can be paid in small instalments, equivalent to a cup of your favourite coffee.

It is an optimistic profitable scenario where you save from the system, with a fraction of it covering the daily costs and leaving the rest in your pockets. And once you’re in a better position, you can pay the remaining amount.

The Volatility Of The Aussie Dollar

In the recent past, the Aussie dollar strength has been fluctuating. What does this mean to you? The longer you take to install solar, you risk exposure to high solar prices in the future. Many of the solar panels and inverters in Australia are imported from overseas.

As a result, many vendors hint at increasing the costs of these components. Unfortunately, this price increase will be passed down to the consumer.

Opting for a solar panel installation now will save you from incredibly high solar prices.

Government Incentives Will Decrease In The Future

Based on previous trends, the odds are that government incentives will keep decreasing. The incentives for solar, known as Small Technology Certificates or STCs, reduce by 7% each year.

An average Australian household can opt for a 6.6kW system to enjoy a government incentive of up to $3,600. It’s a lifetime opportunity: profit from this incentive rate while it lasts!

Solar Couldn’t Be More Perfect For Those On Fixed Incomes

Are you on a fixed income? You’re still a perfect candidate for solar. Volatile financial markets affect solar costs and lower ROI for fixed-income earners; a great solution is minimizing your fixed and variable expenditures and costs.

As earlier said, solar is an excellent addition that will lower your power bills and still put some money into your pockets from day one and its entire lifetime.

If you don’t make a solar investment, you will have to put up with constantly increasing power bills. You ask, what is the worst that could happen with a modest power bill of $250 a quarter? You will lose $10,000 of your precious money in over ten years.

Every Solar Panel Installation Lowers Carbon Footprint

Anyone who instals the system does great good to the environment. Solar generates clean, free power. Installing 6.6kW solar panels Sydney offsets more than 8,000kg of carbon emissions annually. In twenty years, it adds up to 160 tonnes. A solar system installation makes you feel good for contributing to a healthier environment.

Solar Requires Little Maintenance

If you have commitments that spare you little time for extras, adding another item to your to-do list can be worrying. Fortunately, various technological advancements have significantly reduced solar maintenance needs. Apart from a yearly inspection and solar panel cleaning, they can do their thing without a second thought.

Moreover, depending on the system’s quality, they may need no repairs for decades. Ensure the installation is done correctly, factoring in the solar panel roof and the ideal direction for your region. Also, remove any obstructions that may prevent direct sunlight from reaching the panels over time to maintain solar panel efficiency.

To Tap On A New World Of Energy Independence

The times are tough and uncertain, and giving yourself peace of mind starts with overseeing your energy. Energy independence saves you from global energy crises. Moreover, solar can supply energy throughout the year, even during the cold seasons.

While they may produce less power, they still work in such months. It is where the types of solar panels also come into play. State-of-the-art panels are more effective in generating energy during cold months.

You can also incorporate a high-quality solar battery system, like the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery System, to store excess energy during less-productive periods.


Is now a good time to go solar? The above reasons give a resounding yes! Solar installation is a worthwhile addition to any household and business. However, it’s best to secure your system from a reputable dealer with quality components; they will also offer a more extended warranty. It ensures the system gives back the most returns.

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