Does your high-end kitchen warrant a more expensive granite or marble countertop, or would quartz work just as well?

Granite, Marble, or Quartz for Kitchen Countertops
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 30, 2023
  • Updated On: September 28, 2023

Quartz is the best stone for kitchen countertops since it is very hard to scratch or chip. This makes it a great choice for kitchens where spices like turmeric could be accidentally spilled.

The fact that it is non-porous means it is not only stain-resistant but also hygienic, making it a viable alternative for usage in food preparation areas. As an added bonus, quartz countertops can withstand spills of acidic substances like lemon juice and coffee with little to no upkeep.

Quartz counters are synthetic.

Quartz is what? The creation of this object may be attributed to engineering. Quartz countertops are made composed of resins, colorants, and fillers.

Quartz is a great option for kitchen countertops because it is durable, looks great even after years of use, and is resistant to scratches and stains. Choosing quartz for your kitchen counters is like making an investment in a material that will look after you.

Even while you may hear quartz surfaces referred to as “designed” quartz, don’t let that mislead you into thinking you’re getting a factory-made countertop. Pure natural quartz may be expected to make up more than 90% of the material, and this will be bound together with epoxy glue.

The surface is low-maintenance and does not require sealing. The color of your quartz surface should be pretty similar to what you see in the showroom, and it will have the look of real stone. Quartz counters also have a long lifespan.

How can I keep my quartz countertop in good condition?

Quartz countertops are a great option since they last a long time, are easy to maintain, and have a modern appearance. With regular care and cleaning, quartz countertops may keep their stunning beauty for years to come.

Liquid dish soap and water should be used to clean the area. Use a sponge or microfiber towel to dry your countertop after washing it. Do not use harsh cleaners with abrasives on your counters, as they may scratch the surface over time and make cleaning more of a chore.

Surfaces made of quartz Completed with a Quartz Surface

Quartz surfaces may be achieved in a wide range of colors that do not occur naturally since the crushed stone is often combined with pigment. Make the most of it by opting for a hue that glows while still giving the appearance that it is made of stone. This is a great choice to think about if you’re looking for an alternative to granite for your kitchen’s worktops.


eliminates the need for sealants Quartz can be cut with relative ease and possesses a hardness that rivals that of a diamond (excessive force can damage it, however). The material is stain-resistant and won’t absorb any dyes or dye-based paints, so spills won’t ruin the look. You may use this material to make a beautiful border. resistant to extreme heat The ease with which it may be cleaned is a major plus.


The cost of this stone is rather high when compared to that of other gems. as well as chunks that have been cut up are not sold in stores. slabs come in two sizes, each measuring 50 square feet or 57 square feet, and neither is available in any other shape or size. Due to a shortage of smaller sizes, the expense of obtaining quartz for a smaller kitchen may become unaffordable.

Approximately how much would it cost to have a quartz countertop put in?

Quartz countertops are very pricey when compared to the price of other natural stones. From $48 per square foot all the way up to $150 per square foot, you have a lot of options. Installation, transport, and unloading expenses will also add up.

Quartz is a great option that can be used in kitchens of all sizes and budgets. Quartz may be found in a broad variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and prices, so it’s easy to find a material that fits your needs.


Quartz is a great material for use in many different home applications, including kitchen and bathroom countertops. The natural beauty of a stone is preserved yet the durability and lifespan required for heavy foot activity are also there. In homes where there is a lot of foot traffic, it is a great option because it is so easy to keep clean and maintain. Quartz kitchen slabs are also versatile enough to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences, from rustic chic to modern minimalism.

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