Home Demolition: When Should You Start From Scratch?

Home Demolition: When Should You Start From Scratch?
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 2, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

Did you know a lot of people are buying houses right now? Consider buying new or demolishing your home. If you want to learn about whether you should look into demolishing a home, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over whether you should do a home demolition. You might only need to complete a remodel.

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What Is Your Goal?

Before you take on this project, think about your end goal. Do you want to rebuild your entire home? Or would you like to keep the structure of your house?

Sometimes, people will end up updating the internal systems and features instead. Think about these different factors. Some people will knock down walls so they can make their homes more open.

If you aren’t sure, call a demolition contractor. They can come to your home and take a look and help you make a plan. Find someone who will clean up the job, too, like Austin Cleanup & Container.

Where Is Your Home Located?

Do you have a specific rule for your new house? You’ll want to buy a property with a home on the land.

Instead of fixing the house, you could demolish the structure. You will be able to build your dream home.

Think about location when deciding if you will demolish a current house. Is the property in a prime area?

Consider your budget. It might not be worth it to demolish the house and prepare the land. If you have a lot of children and need to settle in fast, don’t choose this route.

Old homes sometimes end up in pricey neighborhoods. Yet you could get the house for a low price. When you rebuild the area, you may recover the money you spent and sell the house for more later.

Will You Remodel the Home or Complete a Full Renovation?

If the bones of the house are in good condition, consider a major renovation instead.

Yet, you will need to take into consideration that the renovation will take a lot of work. You will have your customized home after finishing the job.

Some people love to complete reno projects. If you thrive on doing creative work, consider this option.

Think about the current building. Is it in good shape? Are there potential safety hazards?

Do you need to expand your house because your family’s growing? You might want to add another suite to the area for your parents.

Think about what’s the most cost-efficient option. You might prefer to complete a total demolition if the bones aren’t in good shape.

If you have the time and flexibility, consider taking on a renovation project. You will have fun making your home into a dream spot.

The cost of remodeling will end up being more expensive. Remodeling doesn’t need demolition. Hire a contractor so you can learn about what would work best for your home.

What About Historical Properties?

Do you own a historic house? You might face some limitations when it comes to demolition options. Some cities will have strict rules to prevent people from demolishing buildings.

Speak to the local building department. You can ask if there are city ordinances or deed restrictions. The rules will limit your choices and could stop your decision.

If you can’t tear the structure down, you could still gut the interior of the home. This way, you can create a design and layout that suits your family. Make sure you assess the house to consider your options.

There are tax credits for the rehabilitation or partial demolition of a historic house.

What Are Local Permits?

County and city codes will change all the time. You will need to stay up-to-date with the local permits and regulations.

In your municipality, you can go and get a demolition permit before you can start the project.

The permits will get handled by the demolition contractor. Make sure you check with your contractor to find out if they have the proper licenses.

Sometimes, it will take a long time to receive a permit. Otherwise, you could end up facing an expensive delay in work and ruin your schedule.

You’ll also want to make sure an inspection gets done for toxic materials like asbestos. Was your home built before the 60s? There’s a chance that you’ll need asbestos management during the demolition.

What are the disconnection requirements or permits? Contact the local utility company. You could also contact electric, water, and gas providers. This way, you can figure out when the house should get disconnected.

Make sure you complete these steps. You don’t want to cause a disruption of services in your neighborhood.

Should You Tear Down Your Home?

Home Demolition: When Should You Start From Scratch?

Common signs that it might be wise to tear down your home is if you’re dealing with energy efficiency problems. People who have a house with structural issues would do well to consider demolition.

If your house costs too much with renovations, you might want to consider a demolition job. Build a new home if the extensive renovations will cost more.

Make a Decision About Home Demolition

We hope this guide on home renovation tips and demolishing a home was helpful. You should consider a home demolition if your house has significant structural issues or you want to update the internal systems.

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