How can commercial HVAC contractors help save me money?

How can commercial HVAC contractors help save me money
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 16, 2023
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

When you run a business, you look for the best deal and ways to save money. With the money saved, you invest it back into your business. Therefore, when it comes to your HVAC system, you don’t want to be part of the 30% of energy wasted. We’ve researched and given you a list of ways contractors can help you save money. 

Change Your Air filters

Many businesses do not change their filters often enough, which leaves dust, dander, and other pollutants in your air. By not doing so, your HVAC has to work harder than ever to cool or warm the air. When your HVAC works harder, you consume far more energy.

If you barely change your filters, you could be causing damage to your HVAC system in the long run. Therefore, it’s paramount that you either clean your washable filters or replace your disposable filters. If you need new filters, Commercial HVAC & Air Conditioning Repair Pensacola has professionals to guide you.


Scheduling regular maintenance service ensures that repairs or replacements are spotted before it becomes a problem. By calling professionals, they will ensure everything is working as it should. Even if you believe it’s costly, it can save you money in the long run.

Because your HVAC can cool and warm without having to work hard. When your HVAC functions well, your employees and customers are happier. In addition, by fixing issues now, you keep your system running for a few more years.

Opt for a Smart Thermostat

When you choose a smart thermostat, you notice you have far more control over the temperature. Therefore, if you run a restaurant during your busy period, you will not want your heating to be as high as your non-busy period.

Hence, you could set temperatures using the WiFi without being on-site. The smart thermostat allows you to see how much energy is used so you adapt it to your needs.

During the winter season, you might set the HVAC to turn off when everyone has gone home. In addition, you could set it to go on an hour before everyone gets in, and that way, it’s not running all night.

This is useful for the winter season as your employees arrive; to a comfortable temperature without manually having to come in and turn it on. 


Do your research before buying an HVAC system, as this will save money on energy bills. If your business has a large surface area, buying too small of a unit will mean it has to struggle to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, costs you more and causes the system to break easily.

With an HVAC system too large for a small business, the same thing happens. The extra power cools or warms the area faster, requiring energy.

Due to that, the HVAC can break down or run into other complications. If you’re unsure which HVAC to choose for your space, it’s always worth calling a professional who will size up and assist you in buying the correct unit. Getting advice will avoid wasting money on the wrong system and inefficiency. 

Check Air Ducts

Your HVAC relies on the air ducts to push the air throughout the cooled or warm building. It’s crucial to check that the air ducts are sealed so that air isn’t lost, which causes the HVAC to work harder.

This costs you more money as the HVAC struggles to reach temperatures. In addition, you should have a professional check if the ducts are fit correctly, as well as leaks or tears.  

Ducts are usually in hard-to-reach places and, therefore, might be hard to locate. This includes crawlspaces, basements, etc. You can use foil tape, sealant, or mastic to seal. However, you should call a professional in case of holes or leaks. Furthermore, you can insulate your ducts to improve efficiency.

Summing Up

Your HVAC is a part of keeping everyone comfortable either while at work or coming to shop by you. By taking care of your HVAC system, you save money on unnecessary repairs or replacements. Hence, it’s essential to keep an eye on your system to guarantee it’s working as well as it should.

Regular checkups assist in your HVAC operating to its full capacity. Thus, any issue can get fixed promptly. Adding a smart thermostat allows you to prepare your business for the next working day.

By doing all of the above, you ensure that you are as cost-effective as possible. With the money saved, you could put it toward your next venture!

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Author: Fazal Umer

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