How Much Does It Cost To Clean Hvac Ducts

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  • Posted On: November 1, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

If you’re worried about the air quality in your home, the Environmental Protection Agency notes that most of the dust and debris found inside air ducts sticks to the sides rather than entering the house where it can be inhaled.

Because of this, they advise duct cleaning if there is apparent mold growth in the air ducts or other parts of the heating and cooling system. The presence of rodent or insect infestations in the ducts and their obvious obstruction with dust, filth, and debris are some other significant causes for air duct cleaning.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that the normal price range for thoroughly cleaning an entire system is between $450 and $1,000. The cleaning service is advised to take care of the blower, coils, plenum, and all other parts of the air duct system.

What Is The Cleaning Duration Of HVAC Ducts?

The length of time needed to clean a residential HVAC system is influenced by various factors, including the size of the house, the number of HVAC systems, and the number of HVAC cleaners doing the work.

You should hire at least two contractors to examine your system and provide a time estimate for it. It will also give you a basic notion of how long the project should take and how completely the contractor intends to do it.

All significant ducting components, such as air ducts and fan motors, will probably be cleaned as part of a typical air duct cleaning service. It involves much more than just sweeping the registers in your home and can prolong the useful life of your heating and cooling systems.

Things To Consider Before Cleaning HVAC Ducts

The total cost of cleaning air ducts depends on several factors. Due to factors including ductwork size and type, the number of vents, accessibility, level of contamination, and location, prices may vary from the national average.

Types Of HVAC Ducts

Various components, tools, and cleaning procedures exist for foam board, fiberglass, or rigid ducting. Ducts made of foam board or fiberglass can be cleaned using contact vacuuming, air cleaning, or power brushing.

Flex ductwork requires specific equipment; only some businesses may provide the service. Every duct cleaning firm should provide the service because rigid ducting is easier to clean.

Duct’s Size

The ductwork size affects how much it costs to clean air ducts. Professionals who clean air ducts usually bill by the square foot or by the vent. Ducts link each vent to the HVAC system, which is then connected to each room. Additionally, some air duct cleaning businesses could bill by the system.

Number Of HVAC Ducts

For special pricing, methodologies can be used to order price estimates. Depending on how many vents there are in the system, certain air duct cleaning experts will charge differently. Some businesses will tack on a price per vent on top of a basic rate for cleaning air ducts.

Infestation In Ducts

Most houses include utility rooms or basements with convenient access to the central air handler. But you could spend a little extra if you have awkward situations, like cramped crawl spaces or attics. The amount will vary depending on the job, the area, and the contractor you pick.

Narrow Attics And Crawl Spaces

Most houses include utility rooms or basements with convenient access to the central air handler. But you could spend a little extra if you have awkward situations, like cramped crawl spaces or attics. The amount will vary depending on the job, the area, and the contractor you pick.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Not Cleaning HVAC Ducts?

Your air ducts may include unexpected shocks when your service technician inspects them. If detected, the following chores may be added to the air duct cleaning fee.

Mold And Mildew In Ducts

The ductwork in your home may develop mold and mildew over time, particularly if your home has ever experienced water damage or is humid. Mold spores can disperse through the air, which could be deadly. Debris of mold and mildew should be removed as soon as possible because of this.

Pest Infestation In Ducts

Nobody wants pests like rodents or other animals to enter their air ducts. Therefore, your air duct cleaning contractor may advise you to call an exterminator to take care of the issue before cleaning your air ducts if they discover symptoms of rats or mice.

Too Much Dust In Vents

After prolonged idleness, the system might at first spew out dust. However, the supply registers and grilles in room ceilings and floors should always circulate clean air. After the pests have been exterminated, air duct cleaning will be necessary due to severe insect infestations, rodent droppings, or both.


When the time comes to have, your air ducts cleaned, be sure to select a skilled expert to guarantee the work is done correctly. Hire an air duct cleaning specialist if you notice evident mold, insulated ducts that are difficult to access, rat droppings, or if your property has just undergone renovation.

During home renovations, substantial amounts of dust and debris are created, and these particles can enter the ductwork and circulate inside the property.

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