How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My Shed

How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My Shed
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 12, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Investigating solar panels for sheds is something you might not have thought about yet, but it makes sense. They allow you to use the sun’s energy to power your beloved outhouse directly.

It might not be easy to supply a shed with electricity because armored cable must be extended from your house, frequently causing the garden to be dug up. And it doesn’t even mention the requirement to hire a licensed electrician to connect you to your house’s power supply.

Solar electricity enables you to go off-grid for your workshop or another outbuilding. The solar shed can be placed anywhere on the property, with no restriction on its proximity to the house since it is electrically independent.

Is It Good To Put Solar Panels On Sheds?

It is acceptable to install solar panels on sheds. This might not be optimal in some places because of the lack of sunlight. Therefore, if you want to ensure that the power supply is adequate, ensure your shed will have much solar access.

You might want to rethink solar if your shed is hidden under a tree’s shade. Alternatively, consider having the tree pruned to provide a lighter. To ensure solar panels are free of debris and operating properly, it’s also necessary to read up on solar panel cleaning techniques.

If you decide to move forward with solar-powering your garden shed or office, you must first make sure the system you install is capable of providing enough power for your workstation. After all, you cannot engage in any productive activity if you cannot power your devices and equipment.

To achieve that, you will need to know the required wattage, which can be estimated like you would if you were purchasing a generator. Once the required wattage is understood, you may determine whether or not your workspace can support unlimited solar power, the number of solar panels, and the type of system you require.

Types Of Solar Panels For Sheds

1) Lighting Panels

These may be the easiest and least expensive alternative if you want some lights in your shed and don’t require access to the mains electricity. These include solar panels and wiring that connect to inside and occasionally outdoor lights.

These will typically be equipped with a good battery system, allowing you to store enough energy at the end of the day to have plenty of light in your shed for the evenings.

2) Roof Panels

The other variety of solar energy is more akin to that found in houses. This entails installing solar panels on the shed’s roof, running cables to an inverter, having outlets for plugging things in, and having power for lighting.

They will also need a battery system to ensure you can use all that solar energy in the evenings and on cloudy days when you probably need more power for lighting and warmth. Therefore, the first solar light choice is fine if you need light to access tools at night.

However, the second full solar system is what you should choose if you want more of a home office or workspace arrangement, with heating and power tools and the like. You can set this up in both situations because it is a simple arrangement disconnected from the main power grid.

Alternatively, you might engage an electrician to do that part of the project to ensure everything is secure and will function as intended.

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On Shed

Solar energy has advantages and disadvantages while sounding like a perfect solution for conserving money, space, equipment, and the environment.

A Power-Saving Option

Solar power has many advantages, one of which is that it is free once installed and operating. Therefore, you can run your lights, computer, and even some tools without paying anything.

Utilizing solar energy, you will store it in your batteries for use as and when you need it. The savings you realize from not paying for electricity from the grid should, therefore, more than offset the cost of the solar panels once the initial investment in equipment and setup is complete.

Easy To Setup

Another benefit of solar is its simplicity in installation. Due to the need for a qualified electrician and potentially extensive cabling, connecting a shed to the mains can be very expensive. You might also need to drill holes in your house to access your power box and dig out a channel to bury the wire safely.

Everything remains on and in your shed with solar power, so none of that is necessary. Additionally, the cost of cabling will be greatly reduced.

An Environment-Friendly Option

Solar energy may benefit you because it is cost-free but it also benefits the environment. By not using more electricity from perhaps non-renewable sources, you are relieving the grid of some of its load. Instead, you’re using solar energy to minimize your carbon footprint.

Solar panels are recyclable even when you no longer require them or are prepared to replace them, so that marks another item off your list for sustainability.

Bottom Line

Your power requirements and the distance of the shed from other power sources will determine if solar sheds are worthwhile. Given their relatively low output, some consumers may find solar shed electricity systems too expensive.

From a purely financial standpoint, running underground conduits from the main home to the shed might be less expensive.

A shed has the benefit of being as plain or ornate as you like. It can be configured for minimal use or transformed into a fully functional backyard workshop or office. Solar electricity can be useful no matter what you decide.

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