How To Build A Wood Fence Gate With Metal Posts?

How To Build A Wood Fence Gate With Metal Posts?

Galvanized metal fence posts are more durable than wooden fence posts and don’t decay, so using them in your wooden fence makes sense, especially if you’re converting a chain-link fence to a wooden fence for additional privacy.

Building a wooden fence with metal posts isn’t as challenging as it may appear, thanks to brackets that make concealing the posts and fastening the fencing a breeze. Although the final fence appears to have wooden posts, it will survive for many years.

Use Brackets For Conversion

Most home and garden retailers, as well as fencing suppliers, carry the brackets you’ll need for the conversion. You can also get the brackets from the people who make joist hangers, post holders, and other steel connectors. Fence brackets are designed to fit around a galvanized post for an intermediate diameter efficiently.

Some use a tension bolt to hold them in place, while others simply fit over the post and are secured when the wood fencing is installed.

Make Columns Around The Posts

If you’re replacing a chain-link fence with a wooden fence, you won’t need to bother about putting posts because they’ll already be supported in concrete and spaced about 8 feet apart.

Use posts that are long enough to sink a third of their complete length into the ground if you’re installing new ones. Make sure posts are at least 8 feet apart. The tops of the posts can be a fraction of an inch lower than the fence’s finished height.

It’s entirely up to you whether or not you build the boxes around the posts. If you love to have a faux column at each post instead of having the excellent-looking cedar fence material interrupted by bright silver posts, brackets, and hardware, go for it.

The left and right sides of the brackets will reveal if you look at the front of the column, and the silver finish will stand out like a sore thumb. It’s totally up to you to paint the brackets brown to make them blend in better.

Use Long Steel Frames

Let’s start with the frame, which holds everything together. These gate frames are not run-of-the-mill frames any longer. Each one is made from galvanized steel tube and welded in the home. You can accomplish a set of goals with the help of these steel tubes.

First, it helps you to ensure the quality and durability of the product. Second, it enables to customize each gate according to the yard’s specifications. However, the slope may vary for the different yards. So, a standard square gate may not always be the best solution. That’s why it is better to tailor each gate to your yard’s slope.

Wrap The Metal Posts With Lumber

If you like the look of an all-wood fence, special brackets allow you to conceal the metal posts by wrapping them in lumber entirely. Screw vertical two-by-fours to the brackets to box in the side’s posts after securing the brackets to each post.

Cover the back of the box with one-by-six or two-by-six lumber. The fence boards will cover the front sides of the brackets. Cover the tops of the post boxes with a stylish horizontal top rail or individual peaked post caps to keep water out.

You can add the wood trim top cap to the fence if you want to give the post’s columns an excellent and robust appearance. For this, you can use 2*8 wood boards and trim with busted pickets.

Use Brackets To Install The Fence

The brackets make the job easy whether you build the virtual fence before or after wrapping the posts. The fence rails are fastened in place, usual two-by-fours with their faces against the brackets. Except for the gate, screw the fence planks to the rails, and you’re done.

Now, because the gate is composed of a robust steel frame, you will need heavy-duty gate hinges to support its weight. But a heavy-duty hinge alone isn’t adequate. You can take it a step further by bolting it to a steel pole. This steel-to-steel design ensures that your fence gate will not sag or drag over the course of the fence’s lifespan.

The thick round steel poles are next, and they are possibly one of the most crucial pieces. Each post is composed of Schedule steel, which means it builds to withstand much abuse. The gate transfers weight from the frame to the hinge and the post each time you open it.

The frame’s weight would slowly bend the top of the post over without adding the heavy-duty post. So, it would be the last thing one should consider while building the wood fence gate with the metal posts.

Construct The Wood Fence Gate Frame

Use the same gate hinges you’d use on a chain-link fence gate to make use of the galvanized post’s strength on the hinge-side of the gate. To lower the weight of the gate, first build a metal gate frame using thinner steel pipes than the posts.

Using galvanized steel corner brackets, connect the frame parts. Drill holes through the gate frame’s top and bottom rails, attach wooden rails with carriage bolts, then hang the gate frame from the post hinges—screw fence planks to the rails to finish the gate.

Make sure to measure the opening of the gate. Both sides of the gate opening should have stringers attached. The top cap, which moves with the gate, should be secured. Construct the gate structure and hang it in place precisely. You can use the pickets to cover the gate frame.

Attach the hinges after adding the pickets. For the latch, cut clearance holes. Make the top cap clearances. Enjoy your new fence gate once it is opened!

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