How To Change Led Strip Lights Without Remote

How To Change Led Strip Lights Without Remote
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 9, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

LED light strips are often controlled via remote control. The many elements of an LED light strip must be controlled by the remote control, which is essential. The best way to enliven your home is with LED light strips. Additionally, they’re a great complement to your smart home.

Because they are intended to enhance the beauty of your home, LED light strips frequently outperform smart lighting in many situations. One of the most effective and affordable solutions is LED lighting. Furthermore, it is both environmentally friendly and trendy.

Many LED lights also feature RGB to enhance the illumination in your home. If you have lost the remote of your LED strip lights, there are other methods to turn on your lights without a remote. Continue reading if you are looking for feasible options to turn on your LED strip lights without a remote;

Ways To Change LED Strip Lights Without Remote

change LED Strip Lights Without Remote.

Most LED light strips can be controlled remotely. The remote is used to operate the different features of the LED light strip. It’s essential to protect your remote and make sure you don’t misplace it as a result.

Many users have experienced misplacing the remotes for their LED light strips. Customers grow discouraged as a result and question what to do. If you’ve encountered a similar situation, there’s no need to worry.

Plug LED Lights In A Power Source

Even if it’s not too difficult to set up, this method might not be the best for ongoing use. It only takes a few seconds to plug the LED strip light into the wall and leave it on. You only need to disconnect it when you’re ready to turn it off.

Plug LED Lights In A Power Source

Due to technical limitations, this technique cannot be applied to most light-strip LEDs. Some include power and remote-control function. In this situation, simply connecting the lights won’t cause them to turn on right away.

You might want to do this before connecting the strip lights to the power source if the receiver’s functionality can be disabled.

Use An Alternative Remote Control

The most affordable and ideal approach is to replace a lost remote. Visit the shop where you originally purchased the LED strip light again, or shop online. The same manufacturer’s remote would be beneficial if you could find one for the same model of the LED strip light.

Use An Alternative Remote Control.

If it doesn’t, you’ll need to seek the lights you purchased by looking through your receipt or elsewhere. Checking again that the new remote you purchase is appropriate for your LED strip light might be beneficial.

This is essential when it comes to voltage standards. You can accomplish this by comparing the particular model numbers on your LED strip lamp with other performance data. In addition, there are several universal remote controls for LED strip lights that can be able to meet your needs.

Disconnect Receiving Strip

Different components make up your LED light circuit. The recipient is one of them. It is in charge of receiving the remote’s signals. LED lights can adjust their hues and brightness via a digital signal.

Disconnect Receiving Strip

Only LED circuits with dimmable and color-changing capabilities have the receiver. And with remote-controlled LED lights as well. The component that separates the power source from the LED strips is the controller.

Use A Compatible App

For some LED strip lights, apps are available. Check the search results for your LED strip light’s model number on Google to check whether yours is one of them. If a smartphone app can control your LED strip light, you won’t need to upgrade your remote because these apps frequently include all the functionality of a remote.

Use A Compatible App

Click the download icon in the Google result to start the app’s download. You will be taken directly to either the Play Store or the Google Play Store. Verify that you download the correct app for your lights because apps are model-specific.

The app and light should be connected. Instructions on how to perform each task will be available within the app.

Buy New LED Strip Lights

Buy New LED Strip Lights

In some cases, buying a brand-new set of LEDs is the only option to regain control of your environment. Additionally, buying new LED strips allows you to treat yourself to more affluent versions. You never know, maybe it was better for your home design that you didn’t find the remote.

Importance Of LED Strip Lights Remote Control

A remote can control an LED strip light instead of a light switch, which you turn on and off. This is crucial since LED strip lights require a continual power supply from the wall to operate at their peak efficiency.

LED Strip Lights Remote Control

Since the remote control the LED strip light, it is a light switch. There, however, is no end to it. Dynamic features like color selection and light intensity are also available on the remote control of LED strip lighting.

Some more modern LED strip lights can be controlled by connecting to an app on your smartphone and turning it on or off. When you lose your LED strip light remote, you can no longer manage its various capabilities or switch it on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Consequences Of Losing An LED strip Light Remote Control?

Let’s say the remote control for your LED lights is lost. Despite how unimportant it may appear, most LED strip lights and color-changing devices require a remote to function. As a result, you must either find the original remote as quickly as possible or consider other choices.

Typically, you can buy a remote comparable to or identical to the one that came with your LED lights online. Many dealers also provide bundles of these remote controls as a backup in case you lose yours.

Is It Important To Have LED Strip Lights Remote?

Of course, yes! LED light strips are controlled by a remote or, in some circumstances, an app, as opposed to traditional lights that you plug in and operate from your lighting unit. A remote control can turn an LED strip light on and off instead of a switch.

This is significant because, for best performance, LED strip lights must always be plugged into the wall. An on and off button is on a typical LED strip lamp remote. A smartphone app can connect to and turn advanced LED strip lights on or off.

You can no longer turn on and off the LED strip light and operate all the other features that make LED lights so popular if you lose your remote control for the light. For the LED strip light, the remote resembles a light switch. But it also does other things.

Bottom Line

Follow the above instructions to change the color of your LED lights without a remote if you’ve lost the remote for your LED light strip. Our advice is to get a new one if you can’t find one. Get a new set of LED light strips, that’s all. Compared to before, they weren’t as expensive. Without a remote, there isn’t much you can do, sadly.

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