How To Change Light Bulb Over Stairs

How To Change Light Bulb Over Stairs
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 26, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Like most people, you’ll buy a new light bulb when the one in your stairwell goes out. You may, however, replace the light bulb on your own. Living in a home with stairs means quickly discovering how difficult it is to change the lightbulb above the stairs.

It’s always just out of reach; to get to it, you must climb up on a chair or something. But there is a simpler method that may be used. Follow these simple instructions to change the light bulb above the stairs.

A Few Considerations Before Changing Light Bulb Over Stairs:

  • Before changing a light bulb, always unplug the fixture. If required, climb a ladder to get to the lightbulb.
  • Avoid putting your hands near the glass of the lightbulb. Your skin’s oils may contribute to the lightbulb overheating.
  • If the light bulb’s glass has been touched, wipe it down with a soft cloth before changing it.
  • Before installing a new glass globe or shade, double-check that the screws or clips are firmly fastened.
  • To ensure that the new light bulb is functional, test it. Switch on the fixture’s electricity and turn it on. If the light bulb doesn’t turn on, you might need to check the connections or buy a new one.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s directions when changing the light bulb.

Steps To Change A Light Bulb

Choose An Easier Bulb Installation Way

Decide how you want to change the bulb in the first stage. Assuming you’ve chosen to utilize a ladder rather than a pole or broomstick with tennis balls attached, there are two approaches: from below and above.

Which technique is simpler depends on your bulb’s position and whether it is conveniently accessible from the floor or ceiling? Replacing it from below might be easier if it’s high up on a wall, for instance.

Gather Your Materials

Before starting, be certain you have everything you’ll need. You should also pack tools like a screwdriver, a wrench and pliers along with spare light bulbs. If you don’t have any help, lean the ladder against the wall at a safe angle that will still give you room to climb up and down. This job may benefit from having an extra pair of hands.

Keep any items you need along the route within easy reach to avoid damage or items falling out of place while removing the old ones and replacing them.

Shut Off The Light Fixture

Disconnect the light fixture’s power. The bulb should be removed from its location by carefully prying open any coverings it may be used to unscrew them. Your balance shouldn’t be too impaired if you haven’t been on a ladder for a long time. But you should still grab onto a sturdy object and wait to let go of any tools or metal sheets until you are confident it is safe.

Remove the old bulb by unscrewing or prying it out, then discarding it with all of its parts once everything is open and safely out of the way you’re working. With a clean, dry towel, gently wipe down everything that may have become soiled.

Clean The Old Bulb

This is the perfect time to wait and clean the old bulb rather than replace it. On the other hand, keep going if you’re replacing the old one with a new one by removing the old one first.

Remember to only use this instruction for the particular product you’re dealing with if your light fixture has several bulbs attached to it or if your home has multiple light fixtures.

It could be simpler to remove them all at once when you’re through.

Install The New Blub

Put the new light bulb into your hands slowly after getting your equipment ready. It would help if you didn’t have any trouble fitting it to its location once this stage is over, as long as you’ve been holding onto anything stable throughout the process.

You might need to carefully press or screw it back into place based on your fixture setup. It also might need to be turned in a particular direction.

Replace the housing cover of your bulb by screwing or clipping it in place once it is where you want it. Depending on the type of lighting fixture you’ve chosen, this step will proceed differently, but as always, make sure you read all safety guidelines with any product.

Test And Turn On The Bulb

Once you’ve finished, congratulate yourself and have fun! It might take a surprising lot of time, so it’s always satisfying when the effort is worthwhile. The areas of your home that are utilized the most frequently will determine how frequently you need to do this.

Bottom Line

Even though it might appear simple, changing a light bulb in a confined location can be challenging. Please be advised that there are risks involved in changing a light bulb, such as the possibility of an electric shock or falls.

Please call a specialist to complete this task for you if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. This post covers the procedures for changing a light bulb in a stairwell. This knowledge should be beneficial and spare you some time and trouble.

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